Consumption Of Cashew Nuts Can Relieve Depression, Here Are Its Benefits

Do you know that eating cashew nut on an empty stomach with honey also increases brain power (memory)?

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Jun 16, 2020 18:00 IST
Consumption Of Cashew Nuts Can Relieve Depression, Here Are Its Benefits

Do you know that the consumption of cashew nuts can overcome the problem of depression? Cashew is a good source of vitamin B-12, which helps a lot in relieving stress.  The issue of depression is common in today's life. Competition and a sedentary lifestyle are increasing the difficulty of depression patients. In this case, consuming cashew nut can help you in recovering from depression. Magnesium found in cashew nuts helps in increasing serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is a chemical that is very important to keep us happy. Apart from this, cashew is also an excellent source of protein. The copper present in it helps in handling enzyme activity, hormone production, brain function etc.

Other benefits of Cashew Nuts

The benefits of cashew are not limited to this. It also plays an essential drug for many other diseases. Cashew contains monosaturated fat which keeps the heart healthy and reduces the risk of heart diseases. Applying cashew milk on the skin makes a face beautiful and soft. If you are troubled by hair loss, then regular consumption of cashew nuts helps you get rid of this problem. Apart from this, cashew contains a lot of beneficial elements like potassium, vitamin E, selenium and zinc, due to which it plays an essential role in controlling blood pressure, preventing cancer and fighting infection.

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Depression is very harmful to mental health

The number of depression patients is increasing day by day. Every sadness is not depression. But if you do not like doing any work or you do not feel happy or sad while doing any work, then understand that you have been a victim of depression. Depression is very harmful to mental health, and it also increases the risk of heart-related and brain-related diseases.

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DISEASES DUE TO DEPRESSION: Constant mental pressure or stress gives rise to many mental disorders, victims of many physical problems. Let us know which of the following diseases can occur due to depression.


  • OBESITY: A study has found that early childhood depression can reduce the risk of heart diseases. Depressed children are more likely to be inactive, obese, and smoke, which can cause heart disease in adolescence. This research was done in psychology at the University of South Florida, USA.
  • PREMATURE AGING: People who have mental illness post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are at risk of premature ageing. This has been revealed in the new research. PTSD is a condition associated with several mental disorders such as severe depression, anger, insomnia, foodborne illnesses, and substance abuse. 
  • DEMENTIA: A new study has revealed that the risk of dementia in people with depression may be twice as high as usual. Dementia affects a person's mental capacity, personality, and behaviour. People who have dementia have an impact on their memory. These facts were published in the American journal Neurology.

  • DIABETES: Depression point towards diabetes. For many years, it was believed that diabetes is the root cause of depression. Several recent pieces of research point to the end that depression complicates the problem. Experts believe that anxiety and stress are behind diabetes. If a person suffers from depression, then the chances of getting diabetes are twice as much as that of an average person.
  • HEART DISEASES: A study has found that early childhood depression. Depressed children are more likely to be inactive and obese, which can cause heart disease in adolescence.
  • HIGH RISK OF DEAFNESS: Recent research has found a piece of new information related to deafness. According to this research, people living in depression are at higher risk of deafness. In this research (conducted in the United States), researchers studied men and women, and its effect was more on women than men.
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