It is hard to believe that bald people too get dandruff but it is true. However, the chances are very less. Their scalp tends to get dry which leads to dandruff.


Can Bald People Get Dandruff?

It is hard to believe that bald people too get dandruff but it is true. However, the chances are very less. Their scalp tends to get dry which leads to dandruff.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jun 29, 2011Updated at: Oct 03, 2019
Can Bald People Get Dandruff?

Have you seen bald people getting dandruff? A lot of people get confused about hearing dandruff on a bald person’s head but it can happen, though, this is very rare. Sometimes bald people have extremely dry skin which leads to dandruff. However, this can be treated.

Baldness and Dandruff

The typically accepted theory is that dandruff is caused by either too much or too little oil being produced by sebaceous glands in the scalp. The other causes of dandruff are extremely dry skin, seborrheic dermatitis, yeast sensitivity, an overabundance of the fungus Malassezia on the scalp, uncontrolled production of skin cells, etc.

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Dandruff appears as dry white scales when the skin on the scalp sheds its dead cells. The problem is aggravated because of the presence of hair on the scalp. For bald people, many of the conditions that would promote the development of most of these issues are mitigated.

In the absence of hair, it is easy to exfoliate the head thereby removing the dry skin cells. Therefore, the chances that dandruff will occur in bald people is extremely low. Though exceptions are always there. Some hair specialists have received cases of dandruff in bald head. Sometimes it indicates some serious problem but most of the times, it is due to their extreme-dry scalp condition.

Tips To Take Care Of Bald Head

No matter if you have a bald head or you are sporting a no-hair look, you must take note of these care tips to take care of your bald head.  

1. Shampooing and conditioning are important

Even your bald scalp can get some oil and dirt which would give rise to dandruff. Therefore, you should shampoo your hair and then condition them with a natural oil-based hair conditioner. This would moisturize your head to prevent dryness amidst baldness.

2. Stay hydrated

Particularly during dry seasons, your skin including your head tends to get dry. Therefore, you must drink plenty of water daily and apply a moisturizer on your shaved head.

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3. Sun protection

One of the most important advice that a haircare expert would give is shielding a bald head from the sun. Excessive heat and UV rays might burn the skin which is already very sensitive being hairless. It is suggested to apply sunscreen on the head just like how you do to the other parts of the skin. One may also cover the head with a scarf or beanie.

4. Go for a scalp massage

Massaging the head is not only good for people with hairy heads but also those with a bald head. Dandruff is caused by poor blood circulation which can be treated with a good head massage. Take a little oil and start massaging your scalp to boost blood flow. This may even promote hair growth on your bare head!

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