What Is Calorie Deficit? Know How To Lose Weight This Way

Weight management is important for healthy lifestyle. Here is method to achieve calorie deficit weight loss

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What Is Calorie Deficit? Know How To Lose Weight This Way

We all need particular amount of calories to perform our daily activities and functions. These calories which we take from food are of various variety and nutrients. Correct and adequate amount of nutrients are important for staying healthy and active. Obesity is one of the major problems majority of people suffer from and to fight it people try various methods to lose weight. One such concept of losing weight is called calorie deficit. This concept means to decrease the quantity of calories required for the body to produce energy to encourage it to use body fat instead. Even though it is a useful concept, it has its limitations. Let us know with help of a nutritionist about this concept in detail.

What Is Calorie Deficit?

Clinical Nutritionist Ms. Urooj Fatima from Ivory Hospital, Greater Noida explains calorie deficit and its importance. People need calories from food and beverages to gain energy, however there is a sum of fat stored in the body which is not consumed properly. This causes obesity and health issues related to it. Calorie deficit eating regards as using those stored calories to lose weight and be in shape. But unfortunately not many people are aware of this concept and misunderstand it. They stop eating or reducing their food calories to minimal which is dangerous for your health. 


The calories you burn in a day are known as calorie expenditure which is divided into three segments. 

1. Resting energy expenditure- This refers to the calories present in the body which are used when you are resting of sleeping. This keeps the body functions working. Calories used in this are majorly used for breathing and blood circulation. 

2. Thermic effect of food- It is the calories that are used for digestion, absorption and metabolic activities. 

3. Activity energy expenditure- As the name suggests these calories are used for performing daily tasks and activities during the day. It includes both physical and non-physical functions like fidgeting or household chores etc. 

If a person provides lesser calories than what is required to perform these 3 components, then the body is taken into calorie deficit. When you consistently have calorie deficit diet then it leads to weight loss automatically. 

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Calories Required in Calorie Deficit

For majority of people, calorie deficit should be around 500 calories. This means that taking 500 calories are sufficient for encouraging weight loss. Normally a average person needs 1500-2000 calories, however it depends on the type of work and age of the person. 

Taking in 500 calories for a particular period of time is sufficient for weight loss and is unlikely to affect your body adversely. It is important to have right mixture of food products to have maximum energy production in the body. To create this calorie deficit, you need to find out calorie consumption required for your body. This can be taken out with the help of Body weight planner. It requires parameters such as following to calculate your calorie needs.

  • Weight
  • Age
  • Height
  • Sex
  • Physical level

All this is calculated and then according to it your calories and food is prescribed by the nutritionist. This drill needs to be done every 10 days to find the results and keep a check on your weight loss.


Ways to Achieve Calorie Deficit

There are 2 ways to achieve a calorie deficit, either by consuming fewer calories or by increasing physical activity. Now increasing physical activity is not possible for majority of people as they have their schedules and work routines. Hence it is more feasible to decrease amount of calories from your diet but keeping a check on nutrition value.

1. Don’t Have Sugary Beverages

Beverages and drinks have high amount of calories which are not even beneficial for our body. Hence it is better to eliminate sugary beverages from your diet to achieve calorie deficit. These beverages include fruit juices, coffee drinks, soda, etc. Alcohol beverages should also be left because it contains significant amount of calories. Apart from that they do not give a feeling of fullness, which will encourage you have more food.


2. Limit Highly Processed Foods

Processed foods are high in calories with minimal benefits; it will discourage your weight loss journey. Processed food items such as deserts, breakfast cereals, sugary beverages, etc are processed foods that need to be avoided in order to stay true to calorie deficit. Instead have foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre like proteins, vegetables, nuts and legumes. This will prevent you from overeating and give more nutritional content for your body.

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3. Eat Home Cooked Meals

Prefer having home-cooked food instead of going out or having fast food. This is because food that is made in the market is made refined oils or processed items which are not healthy for you. They can add more calories than you require without giving a feeling of fullness. Home cooked meals have lesser calories thus can be eaten in more quantity comparatively. Have more of fruits and vegetables as they lower body fat and reduce risk of diseases as well.

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