Brush Teeth, Cut Cancer Risk

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Dec 28, 2012

Brush Teeth Cut Cancer RiskYou risk cancer by not brushing your teeth, according to research. Not brushing not only leads to increased levels of plaque in your mouth, but it is also linked to many chronic health conditions such as cancer, the researchers said. They said that infection and swelling, the causes behind one-fifth of all cancers, are the key features of gum diseases related to dental plaque.


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The study was carried out by Swedish researchers. They said that people with most number of bacteria on the surface of their teeth and gums ran 80 per cent more risk of dying prematurely. Despite such strong inclination the researchers refuse to accept dental plaque as a direct cause of cancer. They feel that poor dental hygiene indicates some other lifestyle factors linked with cancer.

For the study, 1390 adults were randomly selected from Stockholm and their health was monitored for 24 years, beginning from 1985. These participants were between 30 and 40 year old when their health was put under the scanner. They were asked questions regarding the risk factors of cancer such as smoking and wealth. None of these respondents had a serious gum disease but different levels of dental plaque could be found on their teeth and surface of gum. In the year 2009, 58 of the participants had died. Out of these deaths, 35 were due to cancer.


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Gum diseases lead to bleeding of gums, bad breath and cavities. If the cavities are left untreated, they can result in receding of gums after which will make the patient lose his teeth. Such teeth would settle beneath the gumline. This has been associated with many problems of health which includes heart diseases. As the inflammation of gums passes from gums into the bloodstream, it is believed to eventually affect the heart. However, recently US researchers have opined that this could be coincidental.

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