Brown Rice VS White Rice: Which One Is Healthier And Why?

Brown Rice is preferred by a lot of people over white rice. Here's the answer to which one is healthier and why. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Oct 20, 2020
Brown Rice VS White Rice: Which One Is Healthier And Why?

Many food items are weighed against each other. Comparisons are made on the basis of various criteria like the number of nutrients, taste, benefits, uses, etc. Things like tea and coffee, wheat and gram flour are weighed on a balance many times. Many people take care of what food item to include and avoid in their diet schedule. And, it is important for them to consume a particular calorie count too. Some individuals don't even give preference to the taste and chose a healthier item. Your nutrition intake also depends upon how much quantity you eat. Sometimes, rice is even preferred more than wheat by some people. However, a few people include brown rice in their meal instead of white rice. It is believed that brown rice is much healthier than white rice. Well, have you ever thought if this is actually true and why? Therefore, you will get to know each and every benefit and fact about brown and white rice. 

Brown rice

Brown rice is the choice of many people and most fitness enthusiasts. The demand of this rice is increasing with time. The complete process that converts brown rice into white rice, reduces its nutritional value. Before you decide which type of rice to include in your diet, check out the nutritional facts and some health benefits of brown rice.

 rice nutrition

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Here are the health benefits of brown rice: 

1. Weight loss

brown rice weight

It is highly recommended to prefer brown rice if you are on a weight loss journey. Brown rice is rich in fibre and will give you a full feeling fir a long time. It improves your bowel movements, that lead on to aid in weight loss. 

2. Controls blood sugar 

Brown rice helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels. Controlling blood sugar levels is essential to prevent diabetes. Many studies say that people who consume white rice have higher risks of developing diabetes, than people having brown rice.  

3. Rich in manganese and fibre 

Brown rice is rich in manganese and fibre that are important nutrients for your body. Manganese helps in building cholesterol and fibre reduces the risk of constipation, resulting in enhancing the digestive system. Brown rice also decreases the chance factor of colon cancer. 

White rice

White rice is a grain rich in starch. Many people boil it to take a high amount of starch out of it. It is a staple ingredient, which is consumed by the maximum population of the world. They can be used in various dishes like Biryani, sushi, etc. These small, soft particles are liked by almost everyone. Here are the nutritional facts and health benefits of white rice. 

Here are the health benefits of white rice:

1. Lowers risk of heart problems

white rice heart 

Heart's health mostly depends upon your diet intake. The food items that you consume every day have a deep impact on your heart health. Consuming whole grains has proved to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. You can protect your heart from problems by eating rice. 

2. Gives energy

White rice is also a rich source of energy. Athletes and fitness professionals who require a lot of energy in the form of carbohydrates consume white rice on a daily basis. However, many also prefer white rice over brown for its high-carb, low-fibre quality. 

3. Highly nutritious and gluten-free

Many people are allergic to the proteins present in wheat, oats and barley. They can even consume white rice as their replacement. It is a staple food and highly nutritious. White rice is rich in nutrients like calcium, potassium and iron, that are very beneficial for our body. 

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Brown rice VS White rice? 

These were all the health benefits and disadvantages of both brown and white rice. They are the same grains which are just milled differently. Although, all varieties of rice are filled with carbs and protein in them. But clearly, brown rice is more beneficial for your body than white rice. It is a whole grain and is more nutritious. 

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