Brown bread Vs Chapati: Which One Is Healthier And Why? Here's what Nutritionist Sneha Sanjay D Has To Say

Many people prefer having brown bread over chapati. Check out which one is healthier and the reasons behind it from an expert. Read on.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Nov 11, 2020Updated at: Nov 11, 2020
Brown bread Vs Chapati: Which One Is Healthier And Why? Here's what Nutritionist Sneha Sanjay D Has To Say

Is brown bread an option over chapati? Well, many people even prefer brown bread over chapati. But, both of these wheat flour food items have different nutrient content. Brown bread and roti cannot substitute each other. They are not the same, due to which we will compare brown bread and roti to know which one is more healthy for your body. Onlymyhealth editorial team spoke to Nutritionist Sneha Sanjay D, Senior Executive Nutritionist, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Bangalore, Jayanagar, about the benefits of brown bread and chapati and which is healthier to consume.

Brown bread Vs Chapati

brown bread vs chaoati

Nutritionist Sneha Sanjay D said, "Not all convenient food options are unhealthy, at the same time all conventional or traditional foods are 100% healthy. An individual has to weigh all the options." She added saying, "The basic ingredient in both the items is whole wheat flour, it has a lot of fiber and has complex carbohydrates that digest slowly keeping you full for a longer time. In fact, it has a low GI and is recommended for people who have diabetes and those who are on a weight loss journey. Whole wheat has a host of nutrients like Vitamin-B & E and  minerals like copper, potassium, iodine."

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Chapati can be made quickly and easily with different combinations at home

• To make it even more healthier, you can add different veggies and spices like ajwain and jeera to it


• Chapatis can be consumed fresh

• Unless a person is highly gluten intolerant, chapatis don't cause any digestion issues or allergies

Brown bread

• Not everybody has an expertise to make it at home so they are usually store brought

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• Brown bread is prepared mostly using refined flour than using whole wheat flour which has lesser percentage of nutrients

• In process of making the bread, food colours and caramelised sugar is mostly added to improve the colour and activity of the yeast. So, it is not recommended for diabetic patients and people who are on a weight loss journey

brown bread

• Some amount of refined flour is surely used in brown breads even if it is claimed that it's not

• Some people may be allergic to yeast, so they cannot consume brown breads

• The freshness of the brown bread is less  than rotis and it keeps reducing day by day

Conclusion: Which is healthier brown bread or chapati?

According to Nutritionist Sneha, "Anything that is being safely consumed in moderation is considered healthy. But, don't overdo any food item and consume in a sensible portion size. Just don't replace conventional food with convenient food items. Be cautious about the quantity and frequency of the food one consumes."

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