Body Hair can Help Baldness

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Jan 21, 2013

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Body Hair can Help Baldness

A typical modern male has a lot of worries in life, starting with the hair on their chest. Metrosexual men of this day and time waste no time in removing body hair, however a recent study could make them to hold on to this ritual.


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New technology allows the use of chest hair and beard among others to conduct transplant on people with advanced hair loss, say city experts. The treatment options include injecting stem cells derived from a type of Swiss apple, platelet derived from one’s own body on the scalp or low power laser treatment.


Dr Amit Gupta, a transplant expert, said, “Men who do not have enough hair on the scalp for transplant undergo body hair transplant. In this procedure, we try to use hair from all possible areas including the chest and the beard. It is individually harvested and transplanted on to the scalp using special instruments to ensure dense hair.” He also mentioned that the traditional method which involves removal of follicles in a group from the back of the scalp proves insufficient in case of extensive baldness.


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The transplants have been estimated to cost anywhere between Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh, depending on the number of grafts required. The surgeons also mentioned that there are many people who are ready to pay such a massive amount for looking good. Are you one such?


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