Birth Control: How can contraception be harmful?

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Apr 13, 2011

Birth Control and ContraceptivesOne of the most popular forms of birth control or contraception among women is the oral contraceptive otherwise known as "The Pill" or the "Birth Control Pill". It is a highly effective and completely safe way of preventing unwanted pregnancies, and is the most recommended form of birth control for women. These pills contain progestin and estrogen and have been known to help prevent conditions like ovarian cancer and cancer of endometrium. Users have also found that they reduce cramps during the menstrual cycle.

Smokers most vulnerable to Contraceptives Birth Control

But even though they have been highly recommended, there are some cases in which they can prove detrimental to the health of users. One of the most vulnerable sections of women is smokers. It has been shown that smokers who take birth control pills are actually more prone to cancer than non smokers on the pill. Women on the pill are therefore advised to not smoke. Smokers are also likely to develop a blood clot in the blood vessels of the abdomen, heart, lungs, or even legs. Clots are likely to cause strokes. The possibility of these side effects is usually nil in non-smokers.


Gaining Weight with Contraceptives Birth Control

Some women have also found that they have gained weight after using the pill. This is likely in women who are very sensitive to even the small amount of hormones present in the pill. Water retention and fat deposition is sometimes seen in such women. Young women, especially teenagers, could experience yeast infections due to the use of birth control pills. Women with a history of heart disease may also be at risk of clots. Some women may also develop liver cancer or gall bladder diseases.


Talk to your doctor about Contraceptives Birth Control

Thus, it is strongly advised that women consult their doctors before beginning to use birth control pills. While most over the counter pills are considered safe and have minimal side effects, it is important to ensure that you are not at risk to the particular pill you pick. There are combination pills which contain a combination of estrogen and progestin hormones or pills that contain only one hormone. The choice should be made in consultation with your doctor.


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