5 Health Benefits Of Staying Single That Might Surprise You

Single individuals tend to have a number of health benefits, read to check some surprising facts you might not know. 

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Jun 01, 2022 10:26 IST
5 Health Benefits Of Staying Single That Might Surprise You

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I know a lot of studies and websites focus on health benefits of staying in a relationship, but being is single is not at all bad. Not many people talk about benefits of staying single, apart from having freedom to explore more territories. Well, it is high time that we focus on the health benefits of staying single, because of a lot successful individuals have reached the top staying single. We have tried to round up some best ways to maintain your health while being independent and this may actually surprise you.  

Why Staying Single in Healthy? 

The first question that rises in everyone’s mind is that why should you stay single, Afterall we have heard so much about companionship, support system, etc. Yes, having a partner means that you have a support system who encourages you to move forward and things like that. But support system might also mean having friends and family members, so at least that problem is sorted for a while.  


We spoke to Dr. Tanu Chowdhury, Clinical Psychologist from Healthcare Clinic, Lucknow to know about benefits of staying single. She said that according to a study of 2015, single individuals not only bond with friends and family more often, but also have a better network of people that help them out in the need. Those who are not in a relationship are more attentive to their counterparts and thus achieve higher results as well.  

Benefits of Staying Single 

1. Less Stress 

Most the individuals that stay single have less amount of stress in their life. This is not just because of the relationship but due to other reasons as well. The most important amongst them in financial stress. When you are single, you just need to earn and spend it on yourself, thus it reduces the responsibility of handling another person that might put a weight on your pockets. It might also relieve mental stress of continuous efforts and trying to make the other person happy. 

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2. You tend to Work out more 

You will find that single individuals tend to spend more time working out and exercising. This is usually because they want to look their best and make themselves stand out in the crowd. Well, this also works in favor of their health and reduces the risk of cardiac problems, obesity and other diseases that could happen. According to a recent study by National Institute of Health, singles have higher rate of joining gym. Especially men were found to be more conscious about their health when they stay single.  

3. You Sleep Better 

This is very real, and if you have been in a relationship, then you would know the difference it makes. A good night’s sleep is very important for your health because it is associated with proper functioning of the health systems. When you sleep better, you can focus better, you also have better mood and it can keep your health statistics in check.  


4. You can make own schedules 

When you are in relationship, you need to check on your partner and take out time accordingly. Making your own schedules is the best thing ever. You do not have to commit to any other person and you can work according to your own needs. In case you are committed, then the relationship can sometimes take a toll on your health.  

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5. You are Happier 

Even many studies suggest that people who are single, especially women, are happier than after getting married. This might also be true for men and any person who is single. Men are relatively more notorious when they are single and find themselves more open and happier going in general. Single individuals have more time to focus on their goals, thus they get rewarded as well.

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