Beating Self Anxiety with Self-Hypnosis

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Feb 24, 2012

Women in depressionAnxiety can be caused in many situations one faces in day to day life. Here are some anxious moments:You are in an aircraft and have a fear of flying. You desperately cling to the hand rest when the plane is taking off and when it is landing. You are making an important presentation and you feel being viewed under a giant microscope you are unable to open your mouth. These can be terrifying experiences though you know at the back of your mind that all these fears are totally irrational.

Anxiety is a phenomenon that everyone faces sometime in life. Your palms sweat, your heart pounds, your stomach feels queasy, your ears have a buzz; you feel dizzy and are short of breath. It is immaterial whether you are alone or in a crowd, as in the heights of anxiety, the whole world shrinks and your greatest fears loom larger than life. It does not matter whether these fears are imagined or real, but the effects of anxiety are loss of sleep and appetite or compulsive overeating; all these leading to more health risks.

It is possible to get over these fears with the power of your own mind with the use of self-hypnosis. The five steps to achieve this are (after entering a closed room alone and putting all anxiety related symptoms on hold):


  1. Silence is paramount. Put all devices on sleep mode: telephones, computers, music, pagers etc.
  2. Get into a comfortable chair or recliner using pillows as needed. Cover yourself with a sheet as the body temperature may fall in the deeply relaxed state.
  3. With your eyes closed, imagine that you can feel a soothing, golden massage oil that flows from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, leaving a warm or cooling sensation as per your choice.
  4. Next, behind your closed eyes imagine you can see a blackboard and then you pick up a chalk and a duster. Begin writing numbers, commencing with a large 100. Erase the number, relax your mind and go down to 99. Depending on the level of stress that day, you can distract your conscious mind more by going down to the next odd or even number.
  5. As your mind eases into a state of relaxation, you will see in your mind’s eye a door appearing. On opening it, it will open to the most beautiful place you can imagine. It could be an ocean side beach with palm trees, soft white sand and a hammock strung between the trunks of two palm trees. Just going through the door you will find yourself in a heightened state of peacefulness.


This is the power of the mind. You can create the most exquisite escape route to a dreamy relaxing place. You will find that you have subdued your fears regarding an event that you need to face using the mind power that you possess.

In conclusion, people get anxious on account of real and imagined fears when faced with everyday incidents, like fear of death when fling in an aircraft, giving a company presentation, leading to debilitating anxiety symptoms. Self- hypnosis, using five steps described above, helps you to take control of your mind and banish all the fears and anxieties and reach a state of peacefulness.    

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