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Unique Baby Names Starting With K with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
KifayatEnough, sufficient BoyMuslim
KaishoriGoddess Parvati GirlMuslim
KhudamahService GirlMuslim
KhushnudaDelighted, agreed, happy GirlMuslim
KontaraDove GirlMuslim
KowaisahHandsome, pretty GirlMuslim
KhushbakhtLucky GirlMuslim
KhushnoodHappy, Pleased GirlMuslim
KochaiNomad GirlMuslim
KabshahShe was a companion GirlMuslim
KakuliCrest GirlMuslim
KhairaThe best, prime, top GirlMuslim
KardawaiyahA ious woman GirlMuslim
KhazanahTreasure GirlMuslim
KhuldParadise, heaven, eternal GirlMuslim
KhurmiHappiness, leisure GirlMuslim
KhulatLove, friend GirlMuslim
KhatoonNoblewoman, lady GirlMuslim
KhazeenaArsenal, treasure house GirlMuslim
KhitfaErroneus, forgetful GirlMuslim
KhaniHidden GirlMuslim
KhasharDecorated, ornamented GirlMuslim
KhalwatSolitude GirlMuslim
Khan ZadiThe rulers daughter GirlMuslim
KhanamPrincess, noble woman GirlMuslim
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