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Muslim Baby Boy Names with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
MansoorVictorious BoyMuslim
KifayatEnough, sufficient BoyMuslim
HuzaifahCurtailed, shortened BoyMuslim
HurairahNarrator of Hadith, a close companion to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) BoyMuslim
HakimBrother BoyMuslim
AnwaarLight, glow, gleam BoyMuslim
AzaanCall for the prayer BoyMuslim
AseedA narrator of Hadeeth BoyMuslim
AmroOld Arabic name BoyMuslim
ArmaanDesire, hope BoyMuslim
ArbaazEagle BoyMuslim
Badi al ZamanThe marvel of time BoyMuslim
FarhadHappiness BoyMuslim
ShambhuLord Shiva BoyMuslim
Abdul AzeezServant Of Almighty, Powerful BoyMuslim
Abdul BaariServant Of Creator BoyMuslim
Abdul HaafizServant Of Protector BoyMuslim
Abdul HameedServant Of Praiseworthy BoyMuslim
Abdul GhafoorServant Of Forgiver BoyMuslim
Abdul JabaarServant Of Mighty BoyMuslim
YaquHyacinth, SapphireBoyMuslim
YushuGod SavesBoyMuslim
YanniGift of God, The Lord is GraciousBoyMuslim
YasharLives for EverBoyMuslim
YazdaanMerciful, KindBoyMuslim
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