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Popular Baby Names Starting With R with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
RudrapriyaGoddess Durga GirlHindu
RizwanaBeautiful, Guardian of heaven GirlMuslim
RoshitaIlluminated GirlHindu
RominiPretty GirlHindu
RishimaMoonbeam GirlHindu
RathikaSatisfied GirlHindu
RajritaPrince of living GirlHindu
RajhansSwan GirlHindu
RaahiTraveller GirlHindu
RadhanaSpeech GirlHindu
RaimaPleasing, Rama Of The Axe GirlHindu
RainaNight GirlHindu
RiteshLord of TruthBoyHindu
RanveerHero of The BattleBoyHindu
Ranavirahero of the battle, warriorBoyHindu
Ramagopalarama and krsna conjoinedBoyHindu
Rajyavardhanaenhancer of kingdom, increasing the glory of kingdom, the brother of king harsavardhanaBoyHindu
Rajanikantabeloved of the night, another name for the moonBoyHindu
RamyarupaWith a lovely formGirlHindu
RamyaEnchanting, Another name for night, A riverGirlHindu
RaktapuspaRed floweredGirlHindu
RajitaIlluminated, ResplendentGirlHindu
RajanigandhaScented at night, The tuberose GirlHindu
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