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Baby Girl Names Starting With B with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
Bindu1. Drop; dot; globule; spot. 2. A dot worn on the forehead between the eyebrows.GirlHindu
Bhuvana1. Being; the earth; abode. 2. Living creature; human.GirlHindu
Bhavika1. Well-meaning. 2. Righteous; pious; happy.GirlHindu
Bhauvana1. Belonging to the world. 2. A deity.GirlHindu
Bharavi1. Protected by God. 2. The shining sun. 3. The author of Kiratarjuniya.GirlHindu
Bhadra1. Blessed; auspicious; gracious; good. 2. Fair; Happy; prosperous; handsome; fortunate; gentlemanly; excellent.GirlHindu
Barkha1. Rain. 2. Moistens; soothes; cools; life giving.GirlHindu
Badr al DinFull moon of the faith GirlMuslim
BhawnaSentiments GirlHindu
BasemahSmiling GirlMuslim
BashaBashaaer-good tidings GirlMuslim
BashashaBashaasha-cheerfulness GirlMuslim
BashirahBringer of good tidings, joy GirlMuslim
BaydahWorshipper, Servant of Allah GirlMuslim
BazlaReward, generous GirlMuslim
BazriqaExalted, great GirlMuslim
BenazeerMatchless, Unique GirlMuslim
BerkaIncrease, Breeding GirlMuslim
BilqeesA queen of Saba GirlMuslim
BineshClever GirlMuslim
BismalFragrance GirlMuslim
BuhthahHappy, delighted when seeing others GirlMuslim
BusayrahShe was a female companion GirlMuslim
BusrahShe was a companion who lived until the era of Muawiyah GirlMuslim
Bahriyah al aabidahShe Was A Devoted Worshipper GirlMuslim
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