Ayurvedic Treatment for Water Retention

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Sep 01, 2011

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Foot careWater retention or swelling, also known as Edema, occurs primarily because of the retention of fluid within the body. Usually feet, ankles and legs are the most affected by Edema. Besides, leakage of blood vessels because of dilated veins, long hours of standing and excessive intake of salts can also result in water retention and swelling in the body.


Moreover, other health issues like thyroid problem, kidney disease, liver disease, heart problems, low protein in blood and anaemia can also contribute to the problem of water retention in the body. Although diuretics can offer some temporary relief to the sufferers, a permanent solution to this problem lies in Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurvedic treatment for water retention roots out the underlying cause of the problem or disease. Moreover, herbal remedy has no side effects.

Ayurveda, considered the most ancient existing system of medicine, is a 4,000 year-old Indian method of healing.  This branch of alternative medicine includes diet, natural therapies and herbs according to the body type. Ayurvedic treatment lays equal emphasis on body, mind, and spirit, and endeavours for innate harmony of the individual. Some popular alternatives for effective ayurvedic treatment for water retention are:

  • Aloevera gel and aloevera juiceis widely used around the world as an ayurvedic remedy for treating water retention or Edema. Multiple researches have proved that aloevera provides numerous medical benefits and soothes the body both internally as well as externally. Aloevera juice acts as a natural diuretic that helpsthe body to get rid of excess water. It also helps in relieving the body of pains associated with swelling. Aloevera is also a detoxifying agent and helps in cleansing the system by eliminating accumulated toxins.
  • Parsley is also a natural diuretic. Parsley tea is a simple way to get all the advantages of this herb quickly. Drinking up to three cups a day can relieve the problem of water retention. Parsley can also be chopped and added to salads and other foods.
  • Dandelion is also known to be efficacious in dealing with the problem of water retention. This herb is another natural diuretic which is also a mild tonic for the entire system.Dandelion can be taken as supplements and its flowers and leaves can be added to salads or cooked food.
  • Celery seed is also very helpful especially when the water retention is related to arthritic conditions. Celery should be taken after seeking advice of an expert ayurvedic practitioner.
  • Rosemary, used to treat bloating, can also be considered an effective ayuvedic remedy for water retention.
  • Other popular herbs used in ayurvedic treatment for water retention are dong quai, stinging nettle, horsetail and hawthorn. Horse chestnut is very useful for treating water retention in feet and legs.

Treating water retention with avurvedic remedies can provide fast relief from its symptoms and improve the flow of blood through the veins. Ayurvedic treatment for water retention is a safer alternative that can also improve overall health and well-being.


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