Ayurvedic Treatment for Gout

Ayurveda for Gout - Ayurveda suggests that gout and symptoms connected with gout can be countered with suitable alterations in one’s diet. Some naturally found herbs such as turpeth are also beneficial for ayurvedic treatment for gout.

Arpita De
AyurvedaWritten by: Arpita DePublished at: Jul 13, 2011
Ayurvedic Treatment for Gout

Gout is inflammation caused in the joints which happens when the uric acid content in the body rises. Uric acid needs to be properly excreted from the body and the kidneys are responsible for this function. In gout, most commonly the kidneys malfunction, leading to an excess of uric acid. Gout can lead to chronic arthritis and osteoarthritis if not treated properly. Men are the most common victims of gout and obesity, smoking and drinking, excessive intake of spicy food and high blood pressure are the common triggers for gout.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Gout


The Sanskrit name for gout is vata rakta rog which literally translates into disease of the wind and blood. According to ayurveda, gout is a result of the imbalance of the vata dosha which upsets the blood circulation of the body and the best way to treat it is by rebalancing the dosha.


Ayurvedic Diet for Treating Gout

  • A vegan diet is considered beneficial in ayurveda for the treatment of gout.
  • Celery is one of the most beneficial items that help in the treatment of gout. Celery helps in reducing the acidic content of the body, thereby getting rid of conditions that are favourable for gout.
  • One should avoid foods that are high in purines. Purines breakdown into uric acid in the body and an excess of uric acid in the body is the leading reason for gout. High protein foods are rich sources of purines. These include meats, yeast and mussels.
  • One should avoid dairy products such as milk and instead switch to rice or soy milk.
  • Vegetables should be included in the diet and meat and meaty products should be avoided.
  • Processed foods such as white bread should not be eaten as they further upset the imbalance already present in the body.
  • Fresh fruits, nuts and berries such as strawberries, blueberries and cherries should be introduced to the ayurvedic diet that is being undertaken for the treatment of gout.
  • One should avoid hot and spicy foods so that the body goes not heat up. Also sea foods including shellfish, prawns, crabs and sardines should not be eaten.
  • Alcohol and smoking must be completely avoided if one wants relief from gout by embarking on an ayurvedic diet.


Ayurvedic Medicines for Gout

  • Castor seed oil is excellent massage oil for people with oil. Since gout is related to inflammation of the joints which is accompanied by pain, the ricinoleic acid present in the seeds is helpful in relieving the pain.
  • Gokulkanta leaves when mixed with tulsi leaves and then taken with either buttermilk or some fruit juice helps in relieving some symptoms that are related to gout.
  • Turpeth which is also known as Indian jalap is used for the treatment of gout. It is mixed with harad or chebulic myrobian and then administered to gout patients.


Ayurvedic Remedies for Gout

  • Apart from a healthy diet, exercise is of paramount importance for keeping the symptoms of gout in check. Excess weight is a deciding factor for gout. Therefore, regular exercise helps in keeping one’s weight in check.
  • Other lifestyle changes such as getting adequate sleep and drinking plenty of water are also immensely beneficial in the treatment of gout and also keep the associated pain in check.

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