Do You Have Bad Odour? Here Are 6 Ayurvedic Remedies To Get Rid Of It

Bad body odour can be disturbing and embarassing. Check out these ayurvedic remedies to get rid of it. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: May 11, 2022Updated at: May 11, 2022
Do You Have Bad Odour? Here Are 6 Ayurvedic Remedies To Get Rid Of It

Bad body odor can be very disturbing, especially when you are travelling or working together. Your personality determines a lot of things for you, in fact for many reasons you need to have a good social acceptance in order to move ahead in life. All this comes with basic thing called personal hygiene. It is a fact that many people, especially men do not give much importance to their personal hygiene and hence it becomes hard for them to make a mark. Apart from this you may also face issues while communicating, have poor self-confidence and many other factors which occur because of poor hygiene. Smelly armpits of body odor can make things worse for you when you are interacting with someone. Read the article further to know about some ayurvedic ways to cure bad body odor. 

Ayurvedic Remedies to Remove Body Odour

Here are 6 ayurvedic remedies to get rid of bad body odour: 

1. Sandalwood


The smell of sandalwood is actually very beneficial in order to soothe your skin. If you apply paste of sandalwood on the armpits or body, then it can reduce your poor body odour. Sandalwood has antiseptic, antibacterial as well as antifungal properties that could keep the skin dry and reduce sweat. As a result of this, sweat reduces and so is your body odor. It also kills odor causing bacteria.

2. Rub Lemon on Armpits

Lemon provides your body with a lot of antiseptics and thus you can also find it in the ingredients of soaps and detergents. Rubbing lemon over your armpits can actually help you eliminate bacteria and unpleasant odors of the body. If you drink lemonade or lemon water, then it can also prevent you from getting bad breath. Acidic properties of the lemon juice and reduce bacterial growth on the body and can aid immunity boosting properties. Lemon removes toxins, including bacteria in the body. 

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3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is considered one of the best and most effective remedy in terms to reduce body odor coconut itself has a very strong and pleasant smell. If the antimicrobial microorganisms that inhibits the properties in the coconut oil. Coconut can actually limit the bacterial causing odor and thus improve your health. It is also beneficial for the digestive health, which actually reduces bad breath.

4. Tomato Juice for Body Odor

Juice is an effective remedy in order to fight the bad body odor. This has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties which helps to limit the bacteria growth. Tomato juice also controls excessive sweating in your body. For this you just need to immerse a cloth in tomato juice and use it on your armpits. Drinking tomato juice can also lower body temperature, thus rate using the amount of sweat that comes out of the body pools.

5. Neem Leave Paste

bad odour

Ayurveda also recommends a name to be a part of most of its products. Neem leaves are used to make ayurvedic herbs and have a lot of medicinal benefits on the skin. It also has antimicrobial, antiseptic and antibacterial properties that could aid your health. Bad body odor could be reduced because of eliminating bacteria causing bacteria. You can also take a bath in luke warm water which has neem leaves in it. 

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6. Wash your underarms with baking soda

Baking soda is known to absorb the moisture from the skin. In this case, it can reduce the body odour by absorbing all the moisture and bad body smell. You need to apply baking soda to your underarms and then wash it off after a few minutes. Baking soda should be mixed with equal parts of cornstarch. It is a natural deodorant which helps to reduce any burning sensation that could happen due to baking soda.