World Breastfeeding Week 2019: Remedies to Naturally Increase Breast Milk

Sometimes mothers are not able to produce sufficient milk to feed their newborn. Here are some home remedies to naturally boost milk production in new mothers.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Oct 16, 2018Updated at: Aug 02, 2019
World Breastfeeding Week 2019: Remedies to Naturally Increase Breast Milk

The only food for a newborn baby is his mother's milk. For at least six months, they rely on breastmilk to get vital nutrients. Mother's milk act as a boon for infants as it shields them from a lot of health diseases. Also, it secures the health of the mother in numerous ways such as prevention from breast & ovarian cancer, postmenopausal osteoporosis, weight management, etc. Though somtimes the mother's body couldn't produce enough breast milk to feed her child. Since breast milk is extremely important for child's health, it is required to fulfill his milk requirement. New mothers who are dealing with this low milk production problem should try these tips to naturally increase breast milk.

What leads to low milk supply?

For many women, the milk supply is just fine. But for some, it is a reason to worry. It so happens that sometimes mothers are unable to suffice the need of milk due to numerous causes such as not being able to produce milk due to illness, or some women consume birth-control pills that also affects the milk production, there are certain hormonal disorders and the most common cause of reduced breastfeeding is painful and sore nipples. Yes, babies sometimes chew on the nipples resulting in cracked nipples that become painful for mothers while breastfeeding. For both mother's and baby's health, breastfeeding is very important. 

Some simple ways to increase breast milk

Fenugreek seeds

Take some fenugreek seeds and crush them to powder. Now take 1 tablespoon of this fenugreek powder in a glass of milk. Drink 3 glasses of this milk daily and it will stimulate the milk producing glands. However, if you have asthma, you must avoid this home remedy.

Drumstick juice

Another way to increase breast milk is drinking half glass of drumstick juice daily. Drumstick juice will stimulate mammary glands and also will unclog your veins around your breasts, resulting in increased supply of milk for baby. If the juice is not feasible, you can even consume its curry and get benefitted.

Almond milk

Almond milk is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which helps in increasing breast milk production. Hence, mothers should drink almond milk to increase milk production. You can consume a small cup of almond milk once or twice a day. However, please skip it if you are allergic to almond or almond milk.

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Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds can be very beneficial to mothers. They exhibit estrogenic activities, which increases the production of breast milk. All you need to do is, take one teaspoon of fennel seeds and add them to a cup of hot water and let it cool down. Now strain the mixture and add some honey. You must drink this 2 to 3 times a day. 

Herbal tea

Herbs like anise and caraway have estrogenic properties. They also clear clogged milk ducts and increase milk supply. You can drink 2 to 3 cups of anise or caraway tea daily and see an effective increase in the production of breast milk within a few weeks.

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Some other tips to increase breast milk production

  • New mothers should keep your body hydrated by drinking water and juices entire day
  • Have diet with an increased calorie intake
  • You should breastfeed your child more often 
  • You must feed from both breasts at each feeding
  • You can use warm compress on your breasts before every breastfeeding session

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