Ayurvedic Remedies For Glaucoma: 6 Remedies To Improve Eye Health

Glaucoma can be effectively treated with help of ayurvedic remedies, here are some remedies for help.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Apr 21, 2022Updated at: Apr 21, 2022
Ayurvedic Remedies For Glaucoma: 6 Remedies To Improve Eye Health

Eye health is important to all of us, and in this era of increasing screen time, it could be hard on your eyes. One of the most common eye disorders out there is glaucoma. It consists of group of eye conditions that damage your optic nerve. The health of it is vital for a good vision. Damage caused in the eyes is usually because of high pressure on the eyes. It can also lead a person to blindness, especially in the old age. Ayurveda has been treating most of the eye disorders through their natural therapy and remedies quite successfully. Therefore, today we will discuss about some ayurvedic remedies that could help you treat glaucoma eye damage. 

How to Determine Glaucoma? 

Unfortunately, most of the people are not able to determine glaucoma until it becomes evident and needs a surgery. You should be aware of the following signs and symptoms that could help you recover from glaucoma within good time.  

  • Patchy blind spots in your side (peripheral) or central vision 
  • Tunnel vision or likely issues 
  • Severe headaches 
  • Eye pain 
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Blurred vision 
  • Halos around the lights 
  • Redness in the eyes 


Ayurvedic Remedies to cure  Glaucoma 

Recognizing glaucoma in the early stages is helpful to cure the glaucoma. Ayurveda has a number of remedies that could be effective in restoring normal functioning of the eyes. You can try these ayurvedic remedies in order to treat the condition and improve your eye health.  

1. Netra Basti 

This is a pure ayurvedic therapy that is based on an ayurvedic medicated ghee. This medicated ghee is poured over the eyes. There is a well-constructed circular structure around the eyes that does not let ghee slide away. It is done through help of dough and then the ghee is poured over it. It removes toxins from the eyes and cure glaucoma. 

2. Snehapana Treatment 

Ayurveda believes that all our organs are connected to each other and so is the treatment. In snehpana treatment, ghee is infused with some herbs that is given to the patient orally for a specific period of time. This treatment of glaucoma through this way is quite limited but it can be effective and you can consult an ayurvedic expert for help. 

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3. Regular eye washing

Regular eye wash should be a part of the routine when you get any particular symptom of glaucoma. Ayurveda says that eye should be gently washed with cool water in the early morning along with holding water in the mouth. Be aware that water is never too cold or too hot, as it might affect your eyes in a negative way. You can even add some rosewater which might give you additional benefits. 


4. Light or Lamp Gazing 

This is an old ayurvedic practice which is into existence to improve eye health and cure problems at the same time. It calms your mind, improves focus and could be beneficial for your eyes. Lamp or light gazing should be typically done through looking at a candle or earthen lamp, because it does not affect your eyes in the given period. The golden rays coming from the warm light could improve your eyesight and benefit you in glaucoma.  

5. Castor Oil 

A drop of castor oil on the eyes, along with some oil applied on the feet soles as well as effective remedies for the eyes. Castor oil could be useful to lower the process of glaucoma diseases and damage to the eyes that happen over time. You can use this multiple times in a day without any problem. 

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6. Triphala 

It is a herb that is used in ayurveda multiple times and could be of help to your eyes. Triphala is the combination of three fruits, amla, bhibitakki and Haritaki. These could be administered through different eye drops or could be ingested in the form of a tonic or mixture. Triphala has been very beneficial in curing eye problems such as eye strain, redness in eyes and swelling which are common symptoms of glaucoma disease.  

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