Avoid these mistakes while working out to achieve toned abs

Toned abs are the ultimate goal of every fitness freak. But are your exercises not working effectively. There might be certain mistakes that you might not know. Know some mistakes that you must avoid to achieve toned abs.

Varsha Vats
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Varsha VatsPublished at: Dec 05, 2018Updated at: Dec 05, 2018
Avoid these mistakes while working out to achieve toned abs

Every fitness freak wants perfect toned abs to achieve their ultimate fitness goals. You might be working hard to achieve those toned abs. You might be dedicating your gym sessions totally to ab toning exercises. You might have tried numerous repetitions of abs crunches. But you still do not get the desired results. After putting all the efforts required you might not achieve the right results. There are some mistakes that you might be making unintentionally. These small mistakes can ruin the whole exercise session and all your hard work. Read on to know some mistakes which you should avoid to achieve toned abs. You must avoid these mistakes to get the maximum results from your exercises.

Incorrect posture

Your posture while exercising will affect the result. To make the results more effective you must take care of your posture while exercising. Make sure that your back is incorrect posture. You should get your posture checked with your trainer to make sure that you are not making any mistake while working out. Another common mistake that people often make is that they keep their body sloppy while working out. Make sure that you keep your abs and hips pulled during the exercise. These minor consideration can help you achieve better results.

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You are not eating right

Apart from exercise, you must be very careful about your diet. Your diet plays an important role to achieve toned abs. You might have heard this many times that abs are made in the kitchen. You must strictly follow the diet plan given by your trainer. You should avoid refined carbohydrates, sugar and alcohol. Increase your protein intake and stick to the routine.  Fruits and vegetables should also be an important part of your diet to achieve the required nourishment.

You take too much stress

Hormones regulate your body in various ways. Your hormonal level can affect the result of your exercise as well. When you are stressed your hormones are likely to affect. Stress increases the production of cortisol which is known as the stress hormone, which further leads to weight gain and increased hunger. You must try to stay stress-free. You can try breathing exercises or certain breathing pattern to reduce stress. 

Poor exercise selection

Another factor that can affect your abs is the type of exercise you choose. People mostly stick to some well-known exercises only, which will not give the result you wish for. Only crunches will not help you achieve abs. You must ask your trainer to add different exercises to your schedule. Few basic exercises are insufficient to get toned abs.

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You are breathing incorrectly

Your breathing while exercising is very an important thing that you must consider. The way you breathe during your sessions can affect the result of the exercise. Improper breathing can give opposite results or diminish the effect of the exercise. Your trainer must have trained you when to exhale and inhale while exercising. Try to stick to that pattern to achieve optimum results. Make sure that you keep your abs pulled and breathe the right way while exercising.

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