Avoid Any Random Home Remedy For Acne and Pimples, Seek These Professional Treatment Instead

If you are habitual of trying home remedies especially to treat acne and pimples, stop. Here are some dermatologist-recommended treatments for you.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Apr 01, 2020Updated at: Apr 01, 2020
Avoid Any Random Home Remedy For Acne and Pimples, Seek These Professional Treatment Instead

Acne, pimple or breakouts are quite common, especially during puberty. At this age, boys and girls get a lot of acne due to the hormonal changes in the body and this problem subside with time. Whereas, this is also a major skin concern these days due to rising pollution levels, poor eating and lifestyle habits. All of these largely impact the skin triggering pesky and painful acne breakouts. Most of us live by home remedies for most daily life issues including pimples. If you are one of them, we would like to warn you of the severe consequences that you may face upon trying raging remedies, especially on the face.

Let us tell you, small pimples can be cured with home remedies but for an acne-prone skin-type where breakouts are normal, professional skin care treatments are the only reliable solution. Sometimes, home remedies aggravate the problem instead of curing. Thus you must go by what dermatologists say and get the treatment they recommend for your skin type.

Why professional treatment is important?

The red, white rash that appears on the face are just pimples in your eyes. But according to medical science, there are several types of pimples and the reasons for there occurrence also vary from people to person. In some people, this happens due to hormonal changes and they may require medication for that. While in some people, breakouts happen due to lifestyle or eating habits which can be easily cured by normal treatment. Apart from this, people who have acne for any reason other than these are some standard acne treatments to bring results without side-effects.

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Undermining treatment

There is a special treatment for pimples, which is called needle subsection or undermining. In this treatment, where the pimples are high, the fibrotic strands that cause acne are broken by piercing a very sharp needle and leaving a new collagen deposition, which automatically heals the skin. And pimples disappear with spots. After this treatment, it is instructed to avoid the rays of the sun for a few days.

Chemical peel

In addition to these standard treatments, a number of chemical treatments are also available to remove pimples and facial spots. In such treatment, the pimples are removed from the face by special chemicals such as salicylic acid peel, glycolic acid peel, AHA, TCA etc. This stops the growth of pimples and cleans the face.

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This treatment is recommended for those who have mild pimples or have pimples smaller and less. In this treatment, the upper surface of the skin, where there are pimples or spots, is exfoliated and removed, so that the skin becomes clear and pimples are destroyed.

Laser treatment

If a person has severe pimples, then laser treatment is recommended. In this treatment, the upper layer of the skin is damaged by the laser, so that new skin cells can be formed. When new skin starts to form, the nail and acne spots on the old skin are removed automatically and new beautiful skin comes out. After this treatment, it is instructed to apply a large amount of sunscreen for a few days, which is to be applied every 3 hours.

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