Attention! Asthma & heart disease can begin in your neck

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Oct 10, 2016

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Quick Bites

  • The arc around the neck is known as the Arc of Life.
  • A bad posture, such as the forward head posture can be dangerous for health.
  • Forward head posture may lead to asthma, and heart diseases.
  • This bad posture causes an imbalance in the spine, putting extra pressure.

Your neck could come under the scanner for asthma and heart diseases, and it actually is linked to the arc which is found in your neck region. It has been found the stress can actually affect the spinal discs, tissues and nerves, and so signs of having asthma could be clear. It has been found that one of the most destructive imbalances is related to the cervical curve, which is located in the vertebrae of the human neck. Allowing a bad posture can cause your spinal strength to diminish, so it is important to have the proper curvature of the cervical and lumbar curves, thereby avoiding a cervical spondylosis.



A good posture

One of the vital things to do in this regard is to have a good posture, for every inch of our head that is held forward, it gains ten pounds of weight. Hence, your muscles need to work harder in order to keep your chin away from your chest. So then the chin muscles stay in contraction, thereby leading to compression of nerves which could further lead to headaches at the base of the skull or those that mimic sinus headaches.

Asthma and heart disease could crop up on the region of your neck due to this factor. Experts say that this unhealthy forward head posture could in fact add up to thirty pounds of abnormal weight, which leads to a misalignment in your spine. Surprisingly, this may also lead to a loss of lung capacity. This of course leads to asthma, and puts an immense pressure on the blood vessels, while also contributing to heart diseases. The importance of the arc is that the bones there protect the brain stem and are the thoroughfare for spinal nerves which are responsible for affecting every organ and function of the human body. Hence one can expect problems such as heart disease and asthma arising from a bad posture, which e could call cervical spondylosis.

It is therefore very important to learn the right posture, for the sake of your heart health, lung health, and overall health.


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Causes of forward head posture

There are numerous causes for having a forward head posture, leading among them are – the usage of computer, watching television, playing video games, carrying backpacks, and experiencing trauma. By trauma we mean accidents, slips or falls. Studies have shown that the usage of backpack is one of the leading reasons, and the weight of the backpack does not matter as much as the age and sex of the people. In fact the study noted that younger students had the greatest deformity of posture.

There are also some problems which are directly associated with forward head posture. These include aches, fatigue, pain, disc compression, early arthritis, headaches, altered blood flow, joint pain, and fibromyalgia.


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