Asperger’s Syndrome: Know Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Options Of This Syndrome

Asperger’s syndrome is a neurological condition which is similar to autism. Know the symptoms and treatment options available.

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Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Jul 14, 2021Updated at: Jul 14, 2021
Asperger’s Syndrome: Know Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Options Of This Syndrome

Neurological disorders can be very tricky. Some of the disorders are mild and does not affect the person much whereas some other disorders or syndromes may become so serious as the person might not be able to do simple tasks. There are many neurological syndromes and disorders we know like Alzheimer’s, seizures, brain tumour, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, autism etc. Today we are going to talk about Asperger’s syndrome which comes from the family of autism. This syndrome can be called as the mild version of autism where a person has speech disability or repetitive behaviour and some more like these. To understand it better, we have with us Dr. Anupam Jaiswal, Neurologist (neuromuscular medicine) from King George Medical University, Lucknow. 

What is Asperger’s Syndrome?

This is a neurological disorder in which a person has almost same symptoms as that of autism but at a mild stage. Asperger’s Syndrome can be quite confusing because sometimes the person behaves very normal and in fact does their activities faster than usual. It is not like autism where there is delay in speech, this syndrome means having inability to think about a particular word or phrase to use. This is more of a cognitive syndrome which does not particularly reflect speech disability but a type of impairment while remembering a particular thing. 


Individuals suffering from Asperger’s syndrome have shown better IQ level than normal people and hence they need special attention. A person having Asperger’s Syndrome may engage in these types of behaviour-

  • Having difficulty in interacting socially
  • Firm thinking and self belief
  • Focussing strictly on rules and schedules
  • Engaging in repetitive behaviour
  • Rigidness

What Causes Asperger’s Syndrome?

The major cause known for this condition is changes that occur in brain. It is not yet known what types of changes occur for this syndrome. Genetics and toxins entering the body can also be some factors causing asperger’s syndrome. Boys are more sceptical to have this syndrome than girls. A person may have confusion and anxiety in this state very often. However there is no particular cure of this syndrome because it is a mental condition and not some type of disease which can be treated. Only way to make this condition better is to have regular interaction and give special attention to the person and training.

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Symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome

Symptoms for Asperger’s Syndrome can vary from person to person. This neurological syndrome depends on factors and upbringing of the person as well. Signs of this syndrome may be visible from very early age. An infant with Asperger’s syndrome may have poor motor development skills or awkwardness while speaking etc. Here are some symptoms which people need to take care of and observe:

Restrictive and repetitive behaviour- This is one of the most common behavioural symptoms that is visible on the person suffering from Asperger’s syndrome. Because of this, the person suffering from this neurological syndrome gains expertise in a particular subject and neglects other information. Especially he might have problem with numbers and lists etc.


Distinctive speech- It is hard to explain what type of rhythm it may lead to but it is quite different from what usually people speak. He may have very official tone, it could be flat, monotonous or in a particular rhythm. 

Same routine- Individuals suffering from this disorder do not like change in their routine. If this happens, then they become anxious and confused. It might even upset them and cause them to react in an absurd way. 

Social Isolation- Asperger’s syndrome affected person may keep himself isolated from rest of the world and prefers to stay at a particular room or spot. They tend to think it as a safe place and do not like it to be hampered. If someone tries to talk to them, they may try to move away or withdraw themselves from saying anything.


Proximity Problem- The person might not be able to guess or determine the gap between people or things. He may have difficulty judging space and end up getting too close while speaking in some cases.

Jokes or Sarcasm- Jokes or sarcasm may confuse or irritate them a lot. This is because they are not able to interpret the situation and humour. People suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome have difficulty interpreting and understanding jokes or things that need to be related to outside world.

Imagination- Like jokes or sarcasm, people having this syndrome are unable to imagine. The cause is the same because they cannot relate or interpret the situation given to them. Hence they have a hard time playing games or having portrayed a character. This can also make them confused and irritated very easily. 

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Treatment for Asperger’s Syndrome

As mentioned earlier there is not particular treatment which can cure this condition. However, diagnosing the person thoroughly can help with training method which might improve the condition of person suffering from Asperger’s syndrome. Here are some methods which can be used to improve the condition of syndrome.

  1. Acquiring strategies to train in social skills
  2. Training in communication skills, improving communication methods etc.
  3. Different approach to academic and education
  4. Cognitive behavioural therapy to control emotions and decrease repetitive behaviour
  5. Supportive behaviour and modification training
  6. Occupational or physical therapy
  7. Alternative medicines to reduce anxiety and cognitive issues
  8. Medication for anxiety



Asperger’s syndrome is similar to mild autism disorder. This syndrome is a neurological condition in which the person is unable to socialise and has repetitive behaviour. Someone having Asperger’s syndrome might do things very normally but may have difficulty understanding situations. Also this is caused by brain dysfunction and issues related to it so different people have different behaviour and tendency towards a situation. A person suffering from this neurological condition may have expertise in one subject and failure in others. There is no particular treatment available for this disorder. However, you can opt for training programs which give special attention to people to improve their cognitive thinking skills.

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