6 Basic Tips To Prevent Cataract Eye Disease

Cataract can cause blur vision and lead to vision loss in some cases. Here are some tips to prevent yourself from cataract disease.

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Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Jul 12, 2021Updated at: Jul 12, 2021
6 Basic Tips To Prevent Cataract Eye Disease

Eyes are very delicate organ and any infection or problem in the eyes can be very problematic. One of the most common problems which occur in eyes is of cataract. Cataract is basically a dense, cloudy formation that occurs in the eyes. It creates blur vision and in the later stage can even cause vision loss. Cataract begins due to excess of proteins in the eyes that form clumps that creates blur vision. Cataract can happen in one or both eye but normally that is very rare. Mostly it develops in one of the eyes and then in the other eye. 

Treatment options are also available for this infection. However the most important point is prevention. Cataract infection can be prevented through various lifestyle changes and taking some basic measures to avoid protein formation in the eyes. Today we have Dr. Anurag Mathur, Eye Specialist (ophthalmologist) from AIIMS, Delhi, to tell us about some prevention tips for cataract infection.


6 Basic Methods to Prevent Cataract 

These lifestyle measures are meant to prevent you from having cataract and also improve your eyesight. Here are following changes you should adopt to prevent cataract in your eyes.

1. Protect your eyes from Ultraviolet rays

Ultraviolet rays are very harmful for our eyes and can affect our eyes in many ways. Wearing sunglasses or UV protected glasses can help you reduce the risk of cataract. Ultraviolet rays are of different kinds but the rays which can be major cause of cataract are ultraviolet B rays. Hence protect your eyes from it and especially when you are outside. Some people believe that only direct sunlight or sharp sunlight gives ultraviolet rays but it is not true. Even when the sun is not shining bright, you should prefer to take your sunglasses with you to protect your vision. 

2. Get your eyes check-up done

Eye-check up is as important as any other body part check-up. Sometimes we do not realise the cataract formation in initial phase which enables the disease to spread through and cause blurred vision or vision loss. Getting your eyes check-up at every 3 months or whenever you feel uncomfortable can prevent cataract and control it if you have it. For adults it is even recommended to get their eyes check-up through a comprehensive eye exam in every two years. This will help you prevent cataract and also know about your current condition of eyes. Dr. Anurag recommends people over 50 to get their comprehensive eyes tests done to avoid any complications.


3. Manage Health Problems and Diseases

Cataract can be a cause of certain growing chronic health diseases inside your body. Diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure affect the eyes on a large scale and contribute in development of cataract. To prevent this, you need to take measure to control your blood pressure and diabetes situation otherwise leading to permanent eye damage. If you think you are having constant trouble with keeping your blood pressure in check, then consult a doctor that may advice you to change the line of treatment or any other method to improve this condition. 

4. Quit Smoking 

We all are aware of how dangerous smoking can be for our health. Smoking cigarettes or tobacco consumption can cause cardiovascular problems and which affect the blood vessels leading to your eyes. Everything is interlinked to our central nervous system and to avoid this situation, one must leave smoking and tobacco to prevent cataract. For that you can take the help of therapies and medications that may assist you to come out from this addiction. 

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5. Follow a plant food diet

You must have heard of some vegetables that are highly effective in maintaining your eye health. There are many fruits and vegetable that can enhance your eye health. These fruits and vegetables contain anti-oxidant that aid your eyesight and improve your vision. High-antioxidant rich diet comes heavily from plant based food items that can prevent the risk of cataracts and keep your eyes healthy for long time. Example- Spinach, carrot, avocados, radish, potatoes etc.


6. Reduce or Stop Alcohol Consumption

Consuming alcohol in excessive manner and quantity develops high risk of cataracts. It is advised to reduce your alcohol consumption to maintain optimal health of your eyes. If you are addicted to alcohol, then you should get support and counselling to reduce your alcohol or even stop it if possible. 

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Cataract is an eye disorder that creates a lump in lens of your eyes. This is formed due to excess of proteins in the eye lens which causes blurry vision. Cataract can occur in one or both eyes, but it is unlikely that it occurs in both eyes at the same time. However it is best not to let that situation come and take preventive measure to avoid cataract. For avoiding cataract infection, you can go for regular eye check-ups, maintain a healthy anti-oxidant rich diet, and protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. Other tips include quitting tobacco and alcohol that can significantly reduce the risk of cataract. If you have blurry vision or any problem in your eyes, then you must visit an eye specialist as soon as possible and get your eyes checked properly.

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