Are Ovarian Cysts During Pregnancy Dangerous?

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Aug 25, 2011

Ovarian cysts are a common occurrence in pregnant women. Generally they occur 1 in every 25,000 pregnancies and only very few of these develop into ovarian cancer, which implies that they are mostly benign. The condition in most cases does not pose problems in normal pregnancy, so doctors keep a close surveillance and wait for them to just go away. Cysts are thin walled and filled with harmless fluid which causes problems if they grow too large and rupture.

A ruptured cyst is most dangerous to pregnant women. It causes intense pain and can lead to early labour and miscarriage. While the fluids emanating from the ruptured cyst do not cause infection, yet doctors need to be alert to handle untimely labour and delivery.

Cysts that grow on stems become twisted and cause intense pain and need to be removed surgically. Large cysts 6 to 8 cm exert pressure on the bladder and bowels causing discomfort. Cysts this large are likely to burst and doctors need to be alert for this eventuality.

Ovarian cysts are mostly detected at the time of pregnancy when ultrasound studies are conducted. The dangerous cases are when ovarian cysts are found to be malignant, which are improbable as most of them during pregnancy are benign.

At the time during pregnancy when ovarian cysts are detected, many women are moving to natural remedies that do not have the dangerous side effects of modern medicines. Two herbs have been found to be efficacious. They are Echinacea and milk thistle. They are readily available in shops that deal in health foods. However, it may be necessary to consult a doctor to ensure these are contra-indicated and interfere with the prescribed modern medicines being used.

It is also important to maintain a regulated diet containing a lot of leafy green vegetables. Women with ovarian cysts are advised to stay away from dairy products. Even malignant cysts can be treated in this way. While modern medicine uses drugs and medication that have harmful side effects, there are herbs that can shrink the cysts to insignificant size and can even eradicate them completely. An appropriate diet can strengthen the body’s system, allowing it to fight the condition more effectively and stimulate the body’s self- healing powers.

In conclusion, on the question on whether ovarian cysts are dangerous to pregnant women, there is a lot of information which say that they are not.They occur in 1 out of 25,000 pregnancies and most of them are benign. It is only when they are large and likely to rupture, that can cause complications like early labour and miscarriages.

There is also a worse case when ovarian cyst turns malignant. In such cases cancer treatment using radiation therapy, chemotherapy can harm the foetus and harm the person with their debilitating side effects. Now women with ovarian cysts at the time of pregnancy are turning to natural cures using herbs, two of which Echinacea and milk thistle have been found to be highly efficacious. Having a regular diet containing leafy green vegetables and using the herbs can shrink the cysts to insignificant size and eradicate them completely. The diet along with the use of herbs can catalyse the body’s powers to self heal.


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