Anger Management: A growing Concern and Need to Control Anger Before it Becomes Intense

How many of us end up screaming or getting mad at our juniors in the office or even those who are close to us over some petty issue? The stress levels are so high nowadays that people are more prone to temperamental issues

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Jun 19, 2019
Anger Management: A growing Concern and Need to Control Anger Before it Becomes Intense

It is not easy for people to get rid of their anger – it takes a lot to get that temper in check! Lives have become hectic and people lose patience easily. Anger issues affect not only those in our immediate circle but also random unknown people we might cross paths with. For instance, you are in a bad mood because your boss cancelled your leave and right then a food delivery boy calls you to ask for directions. You shout at him as your anger level breaks the charts when he is unable to understand your location. This is called anger displacement – when you are angry at something or someone else and take it out on someone else. Now, you have also made the delivery boy upset who does not really fall in your close circle. Also, there are chances they too might take it out on someone else. 

A Continuous Cycle 

Anger is more like negative energy that is passed on from one person to another. It would be really difficult in today’s world to come across a person who isn’t short tempered. There is not one person who can say that it is easy to deal with temperamental issues. Some of the symptoms of temperamental issues are:  

  • Distrust and suspicion on others
  • Problems in trusting someone
  • Personal attacks on others 
  • Sudden episodes of anger and happiness 

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Sumit Mittal – Founder & CEO - – “The only social media platform to vent your frustration and comments anonymously, says, "From cases of road rage to murder – the guilt lies with the person’s anger. For many crimes, anger is what forms the base of the motive. Also, many other negatives emotions emanate from anger – like hatred and vengeance. Yet there are people who normalize anger and think that it is a part and parcel of our daily lives, without realizing the repercussions of it." 

Study: Women Lose Temper More Than Men

It is also said that women tend to lose their temper more quickly than men do. This can also be because of the hormones and the pre-menstrual syndrome that women deal with every month. Even though it is natural to feel all kinds of negative emotions during that time, but we should not normalize it to the extent that we do not pay any attention to it even when it starts taking a diabolic form. Many a time, PMS has been presented as a case in courts in the defense of the culprit. So, it too can get out of control and needs to be managed. 

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Ways of Anger Management

Despite all the reasons that we have for introducing well-thought out anger management systems, India lacks these. There is not much emphasis on the need to deal with anger issues. But we need to focus more on anger management and come up with scientific and engaging ways to deal with it. Following are some of the ways through which anger management can be done: 

  • Anger should no longer be shrugged off as something that everyone experiences, but be made an issue on concern for the same reason that it affects so many people. 
  • Anger management platforms can be beneficial for many who really want to make themselves calm and also serve as a medium for venting out their anger in a more productive way, rather than letting out on someone else and triggering the cycle of anger. 
  • People can also interact with others and understand their emotional troubles and turmoil that leads to their temper. You can find support with such platforms and not feel alone in the quest to eliminate your anger. 
  • Many are suffering, thinking that anger is normal. Many are also being subjected to the anger issues of others that add to their depression and stress levels. All in all, it is bad for yourself and the people around you. Anger management platforms can be of immense help in bringing you out of it.
With inputs from Sumit Mittal – Founder & CEO - – “The only social media platform to vent your frustration and comments anonymously

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