An Ayurvedic Diet Is Essential To Boost Immunity During Monsoon: Says Dr Dr. Anu Jaiswal

We welcome monsoon showers in the wake of encountering the burning summer heat. Yet, monsoons do bring certain wellbeing danger, which majorly hampers the diet.

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Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Jul 20, 2019 00:00 IST
An Ayurvedic Diet Is Essential To Boost Immunity During Monsoon: Says Dr Dr. Anu Jaiswal

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Our body is increasingly defenseless to medical problems in the rainy season since rains greatly affect the immune intensity of our body; continually influencing it with contamination, allergies, and acid reflux issues, infections, etc.  So we should keep our bodies safe against such maladies. The stickiness in the climate is generally high in this season; thus stomach related capacity goes down. The sticky weather conditions in Monsoon plays a host for ailments like dengue, jungle fever, conjunctivitis, typhoid, viral fever, pneumonia, gastrointestinal aggravations, looseness of the bowels and diarrhea. If your immune system is frail you may catch these infections in a flash. It is essential to keep a proper eating regime. But most of the precautions taken are not as effective as they are chemically influenced and cannot properly treat the diseases caused by natural phenomena. Here is where Ayurveda comes into the picture.

Ayurveda and Monsoon Measures

Ayurveda is the customary Hindu arrangement of medicine. According to Hindu folklore, it was fused in Atharva Veda, the remainder of the four Vedas, by Brahma, the Creator of the Universe. Many years old, Ayurveda is emblematic of information of life for comprehensive recuperating and assumes a crucial job in health in this day and age. During monsoons, as indicated by Ayurveda, an expansion in the degrees of stickiness prompts ageing and results in the transformation of ingested sustenance into sharp segments, expanding causticity and other serious diseases. Rainy season is time of VATA vitiation and PITTA accumulation, so our food and lifestyle should be such that it brings balance in vata and pitta. 

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Following are some food tips that one should follow for a healthy immune system: 

  • Incorporating a bunch of green vegetables in our eating routine is highly beneficial as they have a decent measure of supplements that will keep us fit during this season.
  • Avoid green leafy vegetables. Ensure that you wash every vegetable with warm water or with salt to dispose of the gathered soil. This helps in removing germs and microscopic organisms. 
  • Whitening of veggies helps the veggies from losing its shading, surface, and flavour. 
  • Make sure that the food you consume is light, nourishing and balanced. Your meals must include cow ghee in limited amounts. 
  • You can have a small amount of ginger and rock salt to boost digestion. Try avoiding curd but buttermilk can be taken.
  • Also, it is extremely important to stay hydrated during this season so that your system remains clean. Herbal drinks like jasmine tea, green tea, coffee, etc. can also help keep you hydrated. All these keep the immune system strong enough to resist diseases easily. 
  • The consumption of coffee should be kelp limited. Utilization of harsh vegetables like bitter gourd and unpleasant herbs like neem and turmeric contain cell reinforcements and restorative properties that keep you away from diseases and infections. 

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Beneficial Fruits

An assortment of occasional organic products like pomegranates, plums, litchis, pears, and vegetables like carrots, radish and fenugreek should be included in your diet. Avoid watermelon or mangoes during this season.

Apart from this, exercise regularly to avoid feeling fragile and lazy. One must keep the house clean and pest free and avoid consuming outside food as there are chances that it is not hygienic. Following these simple steps and including these natural essentials in your diet may help you enjoy the season without being cautious about your health unnecessarily.

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About The Author: Dr. Anu Jaiswal, Founder, Vedic Sutra