6 Tips To Build Stronger Interpersonal Bond With Your Children

Communicating with your children is an important part of their upbringing, Here are tips to improve your interpersonal bond with your children.

Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Jan 09,2022
Updated at: Jan 09,2022

Healthy communication is the key to happy life. This is an important phase applies to almost every relationship, especially between parents and their children. Nowadays, children and teenagers are engrossed so much in studies and technology, that they have little time to have proper communication with their parents. Also this makes them deal with their problems on their own without taking suggestions or guidance from their parents. It could be much worse with no communication at all, as the things would get piled up resulting in breaking interpersonal relationship with their children. Hence today with help of our expert, Dr. Tanu Chowdhury, Clinical Psychologist from Healthcare Clinic, Lucknow, will give some tips to make interpersonal bond stronger. 

What is Interpersonal Relationship?

According to Dr. Tanu Chowdhury, interpersonal relationship is the bond that is created by communicating thoroughly with another person. It means to interact with a person close to you and indulge in care, support, and love for each other. Interpersonal relationship is meant to stronger the connection between two people and being in a more committed situation. In a good interpersonal relationship, thoughts are shared between two people very openly and socialisation is done freely which develops a unique understanding of things between them.

Tips to Build Stronger Interpersonal Bond

1. Get to know your Child

Parents have this general perception about their kids which they derive from their childhood or what they think to be ideal. It is not always true, and as parents you need to get to know your child thoroughly first to build a good interpersonal Relationship. This includes understanding about his likings and disliking, etc. Habits are also an important aspect to understand behaviour of your child. Once this is sorted, then you must connect with them, even if they are introvert, talking about your child’s favourite thing or habit can encourage better interpersonal relationship and create stronger bonds.

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2. Avoid giving Lectures

I don’t think there is any child that likes listening to long lectures, especially in this fast tract generation. Hence the doctor recommends making your child understand his mistake when they are ready to listen. This should be either done before their bed time or little after the event has occurred. This will give you better though process and improve your interpersonal bond as you give each other space to understand the problems and situations. Giving loud reactions does not work most of the time and hence making effort for a little conversation can improve your bond. There is also less chances of your child committing that mistake again.

3. Listen with All Ears

Being an active listener is most important part of any relationship. This makes more sense in the when your listen to your children. They may have a lot to speak but they will only open up when they see that you are giving them that space. Listening to all ears means to understand the concept behind the words the other person is saying and that is what interpersonal relationship is all about. 

Have decent eye contact, set your distractions away for some time to connect with your children with all concentration. As parents you need to understand that your children may not directly tell you the problem, but will indicate the issue between the talk. 

4. Tell Positive Incidents

Positive intent and thought process aims to build better bond and understanding between two people. This also implies to the children while they are sharing their thoughts. Positive mindset gives out health conversations that builds stronger bond between people. As parents, refrain yourself from sharing stories that your child may perceive negatively. For example telling those about some mishaps or unwilling mistakes that as parents you regret doing should be kept within you. Also ensure that incidents or stories you share are according to the maturity of the child to have better interpersonal connection.

5. Find time to Talk Everyday

Another important point to consider is to take out time to talk to your kids. Make it a daily practise to have a good conversation with them. This also needs to be told to the children so that they have something to share about their day, routine, activities, extra-curricular, and friends, etc. This helps to create stronger bond with your children as they may perceive a safe place for their secrets and problems with you. Also encourage them in their victories and efforts they put in for some activities or sports, etc. 

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6. Try to Limit Gadget Usage

One of the important points in today’s generation is to separate gadgets from your personal time. As we see, most of the people including adults and children are mostly indulged in their mobile phones, television or gaming, etc. This can have a bad impact on your mental health as well as interpersonal relationship with people. Gadgets or online conversations can never take the place of healthy one-to-one interactions. Hence make a rule in your home to separate your gadgets for an hour or so and give time to each other and do something more healthy and creative. It will help you develop a deeper bond with your children.

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