Reason Your Breasts And Nipples Are Itchy

Cold and dry weather can cause severe itching throughout your body, including your breasts and nipples.

Written by: Sambhav Kumar Updated at: 2023-03-19 19:00

Itchy skin on your nipples or breasts can be excruciating. The majority of causes behind itchy nipples are simple to address. Still, there are a few significant medical conditions that might cause your nipples to itch. Read on to learn about the reasons that might trigger itchy nipples. 


Some triggers cause severe reactions in certain people's skin. If you are allergic or sensitive to something that comes into contact with your skin, it might produce irritation and rash in rare cases. This is known as contact dermatitis.

Artificial Creams And Detergent

Itchy nipples are frequently triggered by something that comes into direct touch with them, such as a nipple cream. A new soap, lotion, or laundry detergent could cause your nipples to be itchy. Several cleaning solutions contain chemicals that might trigger a rash known as contact dermatitis. It might manifest as itchy red patches on your skin. 

Wet Weather

Cold and dry weather can cause severe itching throughout your body, including your breasts and nipples. Your nipples may appear raw or chafed. Do not bathe in the shower for a longer period of time. Since hot water removes essential oils and dries up your skin even more, use lukewarm water.

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Your breasts and nipples could respond to the elastic or dye used in your bra or underwear. Contact dermatitis can cause redness and itching in parts of the skin that come into contact with the cloth, such as your nipples. If you've recently begun wearing a new bra, try switching back to your old one to see if the itch goes away.


Itchy nipples during pregnancy are caused by hormonal changes and skin stretching when your breasts and nipples expand in preparation for a breastfeeding kid. Rubbing cocoa butter, coconut oil, or lanolin ointment on the nipples can help relieve the itch.


Milk residue, clogged milk ducts, and issues with your infant grabbing your nipples can all cause itchy and irritated nipples. Keeping the area clean and dry while continuing to pump or nurse is critical. 

When Should You Consult A Doctor About Itchy Nipples?

With so many potential causes of itchy nipples, how do you determine when to consult your doctor? Here are a few indicators that you should make an appointment:

  • Itching that lasts for several weeks or more
  • Severe itching
  • Swollen and painful breasts or nipples
  • Itching or a rash that does not respond to over-the-counter medications
  • An open or blistering rash
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Itchy nipples and breasts are frequent, and are usually caused by irritants and allergens, as well as hormonal changes induced by pregnancy, nursing, menstruation, menopause, or breast surgery. Breast cancer and radiation therapy are more serious causes.

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