Abortion Aftercare, Here’s What You Can Do

Both surgical and medicinal abortions frequently result in cramping and vaginal bleeding.

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It is okay to feel unsure about the care one needs after getting an abortion. . The length of the healing period frequently varies on how far along in the pregnancy you were and how the abortion was performed.

These are the two types of abortions:

Surgical: The placenta, an organ that develops during pregnancy, and the foetus are surgically removed from the womb.

Medical: In this process, you use medication to terminate your pregnancy. An bortion pill is generally used. 

Abortions are often low-risk medical procedures. Even so, it's common to experience minor side effects like bleeding and cramps.

Whether you had a surgical or medicinal abortion, you will definitely experience some side effects. The  dos and don'ts following an abortion will be explained to you by your doctor. Observe their recommendations, and follow them carefully. Self-care techniques can help you to manage your symptoms and reduce the likelihood of significant problems.

After your medical or surgical abortion, make sure to take proper rest. Usually, if you feel prepared, you can return to work and other regular activities the very next day. However, for the first few days, stay away from vigorous activities and motions that can cause pain.

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What Are The Post Abortion Symptoms?

Both surgical and medicinal abortions frequently result in cramping and vaginal bleeding.

Up to four weeks following your surgery, you can still bleed. The frequency of bleeding varies from person to person. There can be a light to heavy flow. You might experience much heavier bleeding than usual after a medical abortion.

Working out can also result in higher blood flow. You might also experience clotting. Normal blood clots range in colour from red to dark purple. Your bleeding may appear as a yellow or brown discharge as it slows down. It might have a bad odour.

Most medical professionals advise using sanitary pads rather than tampons at first. Your pad needs to be changed every four to six hours. If you have recently undergone a surgical abortion, do not engage in sexual activity or insert anything, including tampons, into your vagina. Ask your doctor when it is okay to use tampons or menstrual cups if you had a medical abortion.

Cramps After Abortion

There are certain medications for period cramps that you can take according to your doctor’s recommendation. 

Your stomach may feel better if you place a heating pad or hot water bottle on it. Deep breathing, using essential oils, or self-massaging your hips, back, and stomach may also help.

Sickness or Vomiting for a few days

These symptoms normally disappear on their own. Meanwhile, ginger ale, peppermint tea, or chamomile tea can occasionally help you feel better. Or you might gnaw on some candied ginger.

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When to Contact Your Physician

  • If you notice any of the following severe issues, contact your physician:
  • When you are changing your pad more than once per hour due to heavy bleeding
  • Larger than  lemon-sized blood clots or those that linger for more than two hours
  • Pregnancy signs that last for more than two weeks
  • Unsteadiness or faintness
  • Chest discomfort or breathlessness
  • Leg discomfort or oedema
  • Infection-related symptoms such a fever, unpleasant-smelling vaginal discharge, pus-like discharge, and back or stomach ache 





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