Absurd Organ Donation Rule Dropped

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Sep 06, 2012

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Absurd Organ Donation Rule Dropped

From now on, an organ donor doesn’t need to declare the sharing kitchen condition. The latest Transplantation of Human Organ Rules 2012 draft excludes the clause by virtue of which an unrelated organ donor had to prove that he/she shared a kitchen with the recipient for at least 10 years.

Under the new draft issued by the Union Health Ministry of India, an unrelated donor may have to explain about his/her intention or reason to donate an organ and their family should be aware of it. The clause is included to maintain the authenticity of donation, however, any disagreement or objection of family will be considered and taken note of. Also, the unrelated donor and the recipient may be asked to present income statement for the last three financial years.

Voting out the clause of sharing the same kitchen or asking donors to produce photographs from the Transplantation of Human Organ Rules 2012 has given a push to harvest organs for needy patients, but, the rules for donating an organ are still tougher.


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