8 Exercises That Can Help You Build Your Biceps At Home

Exercises are very important to maintain your health. Find out which exercises can help you build biceps at home.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Apr 25, 2021 13:00 IST
8 Exercises That Can Help You Build Your Biceps At Home

Maintaining you health can be tough at these times when you cannot go out or roam around in open air. Healthy eating is important but using those calories is also essential especially for those who are not so fit. Unhealthy people have lower immunity hence higher chance of catching infection. Therefore to maintain your health you need to exercise regularly. Now there are many exercises which can be done at home which also includes yoga. But many youngsters like to do weight training and extensive workout. For them curling their biceps is one of the important, so let us know about some exercises and alternatives through which you can build your biceps even after being at home.


8 Exercises to Build Biceps At Home

1. Diamond Push Ups

These are not traditional push-ups which target your chest. These push-ups are majorly meant to target your biceps and enhance your core strength. Diamond push-ups get their name from the shape hat is created by keeping the hands while doing the push-ups. In this arms are kept closer to each other.

Come in the basic push up position. Place your hands together and keep your arms straight. Your body should be parallel from the ground, not rotate your hands inside to create a diamond shape between your hands. Now slowly lower yourself and engage your core, hold for 1 second and then push yourself back.


2. One Arm Push-up 

These push-ups are meant to fulfil the missing support which is in form of biceps. These are normal push-ups which are done by one hand. This might sound a bit easy but it is not that easy. Come in the normal push-up position, take one arm and place it behind your back. Slowly lower yourself until your chest almost touches the ground and maintain your back straight. Hold the position for 2 seconds and then push yourself back. Switch arms after one set. 

3. Side Plank

This exercise seems simple but requires a lot of strength. First you need to be in a normal push-up position, then turn your body to one side and raise one arm towards 90 degrees. Keep both arms straight and perpendicular to the ground. Stay in that position for 30 seconds then lower yourself to plank position. Repeat this exercise on both sides.


4. Plank Up-Down

The plank up down is a very effective method to strengthen your biceps, it also provides a decent cardio workout if done in decent speed. To do the exercise, begin with plank position with weights on your forearms. Straighten one arm so that your palm is flat towards the floor. Then straighten other arm and do the same with the other hand. After that you should be in push up position but your weight is on forearms. Lower your body towards the floor and then come back to normal plank position. Repeat this exercise in 2-5 cycles for best outcomes.

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5. Pull-Ups

If you have a pull-up bar at home then it is very easy, even if not then you can look up for some door to handle a towel or rod which can take your weight. Resistance bands are also helpful in doing so. Pull-ups are great exercise to build your biceps and strengthen your hands. 

Grab your pull-up bar. Grip it with your hands with shoulder-width distance from each other. Palms should be facing forward. Hang on the bar with your core engaged. Pull yourself up by your elbows down and move your upper back muscles closer together. Keep pulling until your chin passes up the bar. Hold for 2 seconds and then slowly lower your body until your arms are straight. Repeat this step to 2-5 times initially. 

 6. Chin-Ups

You can also do chin-ups which are similar to pull-ups. They are little easier than normal pull ups. These work more for your biceps than your forearms. To do this exercise come in similar position like for pull-up, then pull yourself up with hands slightly closer this time. Tighten your biceps and pull until your chin in above the rod. Hold there for 2 second and then slowly lower down your body. 

7. Curls

One of the most important and classic exercise to build your biceps is curls. However it is possible that you may not have dumbbells or rod with you. But you can still do it with the help of some gallon of water, brick or even a toolbox. 

Firstly stand straight with head facing forwards, then hold the dumbbells or weights in your hand with your arms hanging straight down and palm facing upwards. Curl your arms upwards and bring your hands towards your shoulder. Keep your back straight and do not engage your hips. Extend your hands downwards in similar fashion. Repeat the exercise in sets. 


8.  Wall Handstand

Wall handstand is another challenging exercise that helps you to build your biceps. What they say about no pain, no gain is quite true. This is one exercise you should do under someone’s guidance if you are doing it for the first time. 

First stand few feet away from the wall. Bend to your waist and place your hands shoulder width apart on the ground. Then slowly plant your feet on the wall. Keep your hands and back straight during the process and legs should be adjacent to the wall. Move close to the wall until you feel you may fall on the other side on the ground. Keep holding in that position until you feel uncomfortable, and then return to normal position. 

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Exercise is very important in this tough phase to keep yourself fit and stable. This pandemic has challenged us to maintain our immunity from homes, hence let’s exercise from home. People who like intensive and heavy workout should check these 8 exercises which you can do in your home to improve and maintain your biceps. Most of these exercise do not require any equipment, you can also use alternatives for dumbbells and weights. This can help you maintain your health as well as keep you fit and work as immunity booster. 

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