8 Common Workout Mistakes You Should Not Make

It is common to make mistakes while working out. Check out these things that you should not do while exercising. Read on.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Feb 24, 2021 20:08 IST
8 Common Workout Mistakes You Should Not Make

A healthy lifestyle should be a part of your overall way of living. Besides, exercising and taking a healthy diet everyday, there are a lot of other things that the adults can do to maintain a flourishing and active lifestyle. Many people prefer eating their favourite junk food and keeping their workout on track to maintain the balance. Whereas, some choose to ignore everything and just do what the heart says. However, the right way to go about it is to try and take a nutrition filled diet along with getting your body into activities. Not just walking or running, but things like dancing, swimming and aerobics have also proved to be helpful for a healthy lifestyle.

Sitting on your couch and binging on munchies is not going to help your body and it can lead to several dangerous health diseases like diabetes and heart problems. At times, it is easy to get on a workout routine,but you might not be able to continue it for a long time. This is interrelated with several factors including proper sleep, healthy diet and many others. You can workout under a professional's guidance and take care of many lifestyle habits for your own good. Keep reading this article further to get to know about some common workout mistakes that you should not make.

Common workout mistakes

Regular exercise should be a part of life as it affects your overall health. It makes your bones and muscles stronger, improves heart health, reduces stress and is an aid for weight loss as well. It results in relaxing both your mind and body. However, there are some people who aren't aware of how and following what tips should a workout be done. So, here are 8 common workout mistakes that you should not make:

1. Skipping warm up


Doing some warm up before your workout is like having starters before main course. Warming up before exercise prepares your muscles, heart and lungs for physical activity, reduces the risk of many injuries and helps in boosting your mind for the workout ahead. After warming up your body, the temperature of your muscles and overall body rises which also increases blood flow. Thus, enhancing the blood circulation and muscle elasticity, which also can improves your range of motion and movement. All of these factors can enhance speed, strength and endurance altogether.

2. Inconsistent workout

Inconsistent workout is also one of the most wrong practices that people follow. This is one of the most common mistakes that individuals make by not working out regularly. Many people usually jump from  one workout to another, without wanting to try everything. It is better to have a properly planned and executed fitness routine and stick with it to maintain consistency for best results. This is to make achieving your goal easier. You also have to do it with the right method and workout according to your strength and ability. And, do not just keep running but try all the exercises and that too regularly. 

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3. Not taking enough sleep

Getting 7-8 hours of good and deep sleep is also important to maintain a healthy workout schedule. Taking quality sleep everyday should be an important part of your lifestyle. Sleep does not just energize you but also improves muscle growth and recovery. It even has the ability to control your hormones. Getting adequate sleep is a part of many health benefits including  strengthening your immune system, making your memory stronger and even improving your mood. Therefore, try to get proper sleep every night and even if it is possible during daytime. You can drink herbal tea before bedtime at night.

4. Taking your phone with you


Many experts do not suggest taking your phone with you while working out. Even if you are going for a run or cycling, taking your mobile phone along with you should be avoided. If you have it, you will definitely look at it and that can have a negative impact on your mood and focus. It will disrupt your main goal of working out. If you must have it on hand, then also control yourself from checking or going through it again and again. Your flow and focus should not get disrupted due to this.

5. Not eating enough

You have to eat enough and not keep yourself hungry for longer hours. A good healthy dish is incomplete if it does not include all the 40 nutrients. A nutritious balanced diet can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout. No single food item can provide all the required nutrients of your body. Therefore, keep an intake of variety of balanced food for good health. You should try and have all fruits and vegetables in your diet. Training yourself empty stomach can lead to less energy in the body. It is important to boost yourself with healthy foods to prevent the flow of blood to the stomach for digestion.

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6. Not making a plan

Making a proper workout plan is also important to maintain consistency. It is easy to lose focus and forget your aim, but it can be extremely challenging to gather the courage and energy of actually exercising daily. You can even keep a log of your workouts for each day. It is always better to follow a plan or routine, especially when regular workout is combined with a healthy diet. You can make a plan under a health instructor/coach's guidance.

7. Not drinking enough fluids


Just like no machine can work without its oiling and no car can move without its fuel, our bodies are also made in a way that we can't survive without water and other fluids. Drinking plenty of fluids is very essential for us. Be it water, fruit juices, tea, coffee, milk or coconut water, you can consume these fluids from time to time. However, you should avoid the intake of sodas and soft drinks as it has high sugar content. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water throughout the day. The body feels stressed when you exercise as the temperature rises. And, drinking water and reduce this stress, thus hydration can improve your workout performance.

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8. Overtraining and not recovering

Overtraining and exerting your body more than its capability is also not healthy for your body. You have to give time for your body to recover from an intense workout. If you overexert yourself, your body won't be able to rejuvenate and heal itself for the next workout. Your muscle are able to grow during the rest time. Therefore, the focus to workout more and more is not to exert yourself completely in a few hours. Instead, it is about taking appropriate breaks between the exercise and even rest your body atleast once a week. Splitting your sets of workouts can also help in recovering and not overtraining.

So, these were some worst workout mistakes that should be avoided as much as possible. These are some healthy workout habits that need to be adopted by everyone trying to lose weight or exercising daily. We all know that the root of staying healthy depends upon taking a balanced diet combined with keeping your body active. It is very important to keep your body moving and on the go to prevent yourself from health conditions. Yoga and exercising everyday keeps your body active and fresh.

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