7 Health Tips to Prevent Back and Neck Pain

The spinal cord works as the support system for the entire body structure and demands proper care. From sitting postures to the clothes you wear, all must be taken care off in order to have a healthy spine and neck.

Vasudha Bhat
PainWritten by: Vasudha BhatPublished at: Mar 04, 2014Updated at: Mar 04, 2014
7 Health Tips to Prevent Back and Neck Pain

Spine and neck issues are encountered by almost all individuals at least once in their lives. The spinal cord which works as a support system for the entire body structure is very much likely to suffer from aches and pains. Therefore, it becomes necessary to provide proper care and attention to spinal and neck issues soon after they crop up.

Sitting postures, carry bags, walking style, clothes and accessories all must be taken care of so that the sensitive spinal cord does not encounter any troubles.
Here are 7 health tips which must be followed in order to prevent a troubled back or neck.

Tips to Prevent Back Pain


Spending long hours sitting

Long hours spent sitting without any movement can cause neck and back to ache. Even if the job demands long sitting periods, regularly moving around, stretching a bit and twisting can provide some comfort. An ergonomically-designed chair is also recommended to avoid trouble to the neck or spine. Also, placing a rolled up towel behind the back while sitting on a chair can prove to be helpful.


Right standing postures

Standing for long hours can also crick the spine. Propping one foot on a stool while standing for prolonged hours can help to reduce strain on the back. A little bending and stretching can help loosen up the muscles.



During travelling, it is always advisable to put support beneath the foot and give rest to lower back. Taking frequent walks also helps to reduce stress on the back and neck that is most commonly caused during travelling. Avoiding long hours on the seat proves to be helpful in comforting the spinal cord.

Sleeping positions

Always adapt the right sleeping position to prevent spinal issues. Sleeping on the stomach creates strain on the back leading to aches. The right posture to sleep is to lie on the back with a pillow tucked under the knee. Also, if sleeping on the stomach is more comfortable, a pillow must be placed under the stomach to avoid building up of stress.

Tips to Prevent Back Pain

Carrying heavy bags

Carrying heavy bags can cause harm to the spine. Heavy bags, hand bags and purses create an unnatural counterbalance between the shoulders. Also, heavy wallets kept inside the pockets can cause stress on the back when you sit. The school bags of children must be kept with utmost care as heavy bags can affect the child’s spinal cord to a large extent.

Choosing the right clothes

Fashion over comfort should be avoided. In order to look good many people choose to wear tight-fitting clothes. This makes everyday tasks like walking, sitting etc discomforting to the spine. If the clothes are uncomfortable, they can affect the sitting posture, misaligning the spinal cord.


Getting a massage done and relaxing can always help to reduce stress on the neck and spine. Minimising fatigue is very important to have a healthy spine. The tension caused in the muscles must be relaxed at regular intervals so that the threshold for tolerance of pain is increased.


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