64 Per Cent of Delhiites Consume Insufficient Protein In Their Daily Diet, A Study Reveals

Parag Milk Foods sheds light on lifestyle diseases caused by protein-deficient diet and ways to overcome it

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Feb 10, 2020Updated at: Feb 10, 2020
64 Per Cent of Delhiites Consume Insufficient Protein In Their Daily Diet, A Study Reveals

Protein is an essential element in our daily lives. Despite having a heavy protein presence in the Indian diet, there exists a drastic need for protein in the diet for most of the individuals. The number prevails how residents of various cities still need to catch up on their protein intake to get rid of certain lifestyle diseases that primarily happen due to lack of protein in the diet. A recent study done by Parag Milk Foods indicates that 64% of people in Delhi lacked protein in their daily diet, which could be a possible reason for several health concerns including concentration, anaemia, Polycystic Ovarian Disease and peeling skin.  

While people are adopting a health-conscious lifestyle, there is still a void when it comes to taking a complete nutritional diet. Mumbaikars lead the way with only 47% of people found to consume a protein-deficient daily diet. Surprisingly, the study found 76% of Hyderabadis in the study were observed consuming protein-deficient daily diet, making Hyderabad last in the list.


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Health Concerns Due To Protein Deficiency

61% of people with protein-deficient daily diet suffer from various health concerns, which include:

  • Poor concentration
  • Less protein in the body can lead to excessive hair loss
  • Lack of protein in the diet is directly connected to low haemoglobin in an individual
  • Lack of protein leads to body aches and pains
  • Irregular eating habits is a common concern seen in those on a low-protein diet
  • Constant tiredness is one of the significant symptoms of lack of protein in the body

The study in Delhi also revealed interesting data points on different lifestyle-related health issues caused due to protein-deficient daily diet.

About The Study


To deliberate the ‘lifestyle issues’ due to the lack of protein intake, Parag Milk Foods commissioned a survey conducted by Nielsen covering 1226 respondents in the age group of 18-55years across cities including Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai. The study indicated that 61% of participants under the age of 30 in Delhi were consuming a protein-deficient daily diet. It also highlights that a whopping 92% of Delhiites under the age of 55 have excessive hair loss due to protein deficiency.

Speaking about the protein deficiency and numbers witnessed across cities, Devendra Shah, Chairman, Parag Milk Foods Ltd. said, “Out of the figures displayed in the study done on the health implications due to protein loss, 7 per cent of the participants displayed a severe protein deficiency. Despite the change towards leading a healthy lifestyle, 80% of vegetarians are protein deficient. This calls for the urgent need of understanding what one is eating to ensure enough protein intake daily.


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Other Key Findings

  • 64% Delhiites who suffer from hair loss consume insufficient protein diet
  • Only 3% of Delhiites are aware that a protein-deficient diet causes PCOD
  • 67% of Delhiites with protein-deficient diet have irregular eating habits
  • Only 47% of Delhiites are aware that inadequate protein intake causes poor concentration
  • Constant tiredness is one of the top concerns amongst 63% of Delhiites under the age of 55years

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