6 Hot Body Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Make use of your body like a machine and owing to that, this training can be accomplished almost anywhere – either at home or outdoors, and even in a hotel room, if you travel frequently.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Oct 14, 2019Updated at: Oct 14, 2019
6 Hot Body Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

The most common justification most people have for not being able to exercise regularly is lack of time. You are unable to sweat it out in the gym because it is not suitably located or your busy schedule doesn’t permit you enough time to work out. And while these are very genuine problems that the majority of us face, have you ever stopped to consider that you do not always have to hit the gym to exercise? Thanks to body exercises, which enable you to kick-start working out almost anywhere and at any time. These bodyweight workouts depend on an individual’s body weight to generate the required resistance for the movement. To put it in simple words, you make use of your body like a machine and owing to that, this training can be accomplished almost anywhere – either at home or outdoors, and even in a hotel room, if you travel frequently.

The biggest advantage of body exercises is that they efficiently workout manifold groups of muscles in the body, which in turn, aid you in burning down more fat. Based on the intensity, bodyweight training are sure to take care of your cardio, enhance your metabolic rate, finely tone your body and recover endurance. Below mentioned are a couple of hot body workouts that you can perform almost anywhere:


This is the most common form of body exercise that targets the arms, chest, and shoulders. To start the workout, you must get on your hands which need to be shoulder-width apart and your toes must be grounded into the floor. While you flatten your back, you must ensure to keep your body in a straight and neutral position. Breathe in and lower your body until your chest grazes the ground. While you do this, your elbows need to tuck close to your body. While you breathe out, you must slowly push back your body to the position you started from.

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This full-body strength training exercise is a great form of cardio workout that effectively targets your hamstrings, abs, glutes, arms, and chest. Weight reduction, consuming healthy, or handling a medical condition gets a lot stress-free by practicing this fitness training regularly. To perform this exercise, you must stand with your feet being shoulder-width apart. This should be followed by lowering your body into a squatting position and you need to place your hands on the flat surface in front of you. Further, you need to kick your feet back and must get in a push-up posture. Do a push-up by lowering your chest, post this you must kick back your feet to the original squat position. Towards the end, you need to stand up, jump and clap your hand overhead.

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An exceptional form of cardio workout, planks are highly recommended for building core strength. To perform the exercise, you must get into a push-up position on the ground. Your elbows must be bent at 90-degrees and your weight must be rested on the forearms. Your elbows must be kept directly beneath the shoulders. For best results, you must hold the position for at least two minutes.

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This form of exercise which involves more than one muscle group, effectively targets the glutes and thighs. While performing the workout, you must consider standing with your feet being shoulder-width apart. Continue the exercise by extending your hands straight out, bend down your elbows and clasp the fingers. You must be seated back and down like the way you sit on a chair. Marginally bend down your upper part of the body forward and arch the lower back. Lower down furthermore to bring your thighs equivalent to the ground. Your body must be kept tight and you must slightly push through your heels, thus bringing the body to the original position.


This operative full-body movement hip movement and reinforces the knees, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Perform the exercise by standing upright with your upper body being in a straight position. With just one leg, you must slowly step forward. Lower down your hips and bend both your knees to an angle of 90-degree but while doing so you must refrain from touching the back knee to the ground. This should be followed by pushing back up to the position from where you started.

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Mountain Climbers

  • This is an isometric workout that is extremely beneficial for biceps and triceps. It also works the abs based on the intensity it can upsurge the heartbeat-like cardio. To kick-start the exercise, you should get into a plank position-
  • Hands shoulder-width apart and feet hip-width. Your right knee must be drawn into your torso by making use of your abs. Get it back to the original position and replicate the same with your left knee.

Although body exercises never make use of machines, you must note that if done imperfectly or when wounded, they can be as damaging as equipment workouts and can hurt your joints. Hence these exercises must be done extremely cautiously and with precision.


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