6 Best ways to prevent hair from knotting

While some hair types are more prone to tangling, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of having painfully knotted hair. Here are six best ways to prevent hair from knotting.

Ariba Khaliq
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Jun 22, 2015
6 Best ways to prevent hair from knotting

You might be regularly trimming your hair to keep it healthy, but how does one prevent snags, tangles and dryness? Offenders you ask? Heating tools, bobby pins and too-tight hair ties, duh!

If you are getting super frustrated with the way your locks get knotted up and become uncomfortable, keep reading for some useful ways to prevent it.

Knotty hair

Reduce heat styling

Have you ever noticed that when you curl or iron your iron, it tangles much more easily? That’s because heat styling leaves your hair coarse and brittle. Talking about curls, they are more prone to tangling because they aren’t lying flat and will naturally tangle easier. Secondly, curling dries out your hair, leaving it susceptible to tangles. Heat-style your hair less to prevent hair knotting. If you absolutely should use heat on your hair, use a good protective spray to ensure soft and bouncy curls.

Beware of hair spray

You only weigh your hair down with unnecessary product when you use hairspray. The more hairspray you use, the stickier your hair becomes. When your hair is tangle-free, your fingers run through them without getting stuck. Styling products hold the strands together and this will definitely lead to hair tangles. Save your hairspray up for fancy up-dos when you actually want your hair to stay in place. For other times, let your tresses enjoy the wind.

Deep condition your hair

If you’re on the verge of chopping your hair off because you’re fed up of the knots and lack of moisture in your hair, you must try one last thing before going for the big chop—deep conditioning. Dryness and damage are major reasons for entangled hair. A weekly deep conditioning treatment can help you replenish the moisture lost due to heat, humidity, styling and environmental hazards.

Deep conditioning for hair

Avoid harsh dyes

Almost everyone around is dyeing or bleaching their hair. It is so unfortunate that your hair has to pay a price for all the fun you have with it. The harsh chemicals in bleach and dyes strip your hair of all the moisture, leaving it coarse and tangled. Once done, the damage is permanent unless you choose to chop it off. Therefore, try to stay away from hair colours as much as possible.

Get regular trims

The fact is, however protective we may become about our hair, some hair damage is unavoidable. That’s why you must trim your hair regularly to get rid of split ends. Going for regular trims will bring life to your hair and hair with fewer split ends will tangle less.

Use protective serums

Your styling tools can get up to 450 degrees hot which is pretty bad for your hair if there isn’t a barrier in between. A wide range of serums and sprays in all price ranges are available that can protect your strands from more damage. You can apply them to damp or dry hair; conditioning is an added advantage.

Brushing out tangles constantly can be tedious and can cause more hair damage if you’re not careful. We’ve listed our tips to prevent hair tangling for you. Do let us know in comments below which ones worked for you.

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