6 Ayurvedic Ingredients That Can Assure A Stronger Immunity

During the pandemic, novel Corona Virus affected the immunity of many people. Here are 6 Ayurvedic ingredients that can assure a stronger immunity.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Oct 21, 2020 19:10 IST
6 Ayurvedic Ingredients That Can Assure A Stronger Immunity

Ayurvedic treatments have proved their worth every time in so many years. Just like home remedies and natural cures, ayurvedic herbs and ingredients have also done wonders for the human body. Moreover, it plays the Ayurveda magic on your immunity too. At the initial time of the pandemic, many research studies, datasets and analysis proved that Novel Corona Virus affects some people worse than others. With a growing number of cases every day, it is hard to stay safe. Balancing your immunity and making it stronger is the key to boost your health. In fact, the elderly and the people who have a chronic illness like lung diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure or weak immune systems have the tendency to get affected by this virus sooner than others. Now, the medical director of Biogetica, Dr Vijay Kumar S. Kamat has observed that some natural herbs can prove to be of great help in making your immunity stronger. In this article further, you will get to know about these 6 ayurvedic ingredients that are good for your immunity. 

What should one do to balance immunity during the pandemic?

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Individuals with chronic lung disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, weakened immune systems and other underlying health issues get impacted adversely, while some only go through minor symptoms. The underlying factor here is one’s immune system, hence the key is to balance your immunity and not boost it.

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Below listed are the 6 Ayurvedic ingredients that can help in assuring stronger immunity:

Artemisia - According to the recent Covid-19 researches, Artemisia has been reported to have an antiviral effect against the virus. It is a green woody shrub that is mostly found in North Africa and North America. Researchers have found out that the leaves of Artemisia extract showed anti-viral properties after being extracted with the use of pure ethanol. Therefore, it can prove to be a good booster of immunity. 

Giloy - This is a known fact that giloy is a home remedy for many diseases. Studies have also suggested that this herb may help in boosting gut immunity too. Giloy is known to help with platelet count during dengue fever too, as your immunity weakens at that time. 

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Echinacea - Some studies also observed that Echinacea may have the ability to remove the viruses. It can also help in improving the immune cells and lowering oxidative stress. It is a flowering plant, famous for being a herbal remedy. 

Haridra (Curcuma Longa) - Haridra, commonly called turmeric is used in our daily meals too. Alkaloids derived from turmeric and have shown potentially strong inhibitory effects. 

Tulsi - Tulsi is especially known for being a healing agent and immunity booster. During this pandemic, it can also help you in respiratory problems. Tulsi is popular for its natural properties to enhance your skin and dental health too. 

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Rasna (Alpinia Galangal) - Rasna is also a herb that has the power to control anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Studies have proved that it is used to produce inhibitory action against the viruses. 

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These above mentioned ayurvedic ingredients can be very beneficial for your immunity. In fact, you can add tulsi and giloy in a fruit juice and consume a healthy drink during these pandemic times. Don't forget to take precautions like wearing masks and sanitising. Your immune system should be ready to fight anything. That's where these Ayurvedic items can be of some help. It is essential for your body to consume strong immunity boosters daily. Immune balancing food items and herbs are good for a powerful system.

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