5 Dental treatments to always choose with care

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Jun 25, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • If you have tartar deposits, your dentist will be able to show them.
  • Dental crowns require a lot of case selection and treatment planning.
  • RCT can cause complications if not done with precision.
  • Removing wisdom teeth is not always a necessity.

Dental care now is far better than what it was in the past. Depending on the severity of your dental problem, get yourself treated as early as possible. Make sure you are convinced about the dental treatment before you go ahead. Being sure of the treatment you take after considerable research can help you save your teeth from a lot of long-term effects.


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Here is why you should choose dental treatments with care:



Often, when you visit the dentist for a regular check up, he advises you to get scaling done, but you do not perhaps think it necessary. The next time you are at the clinic and you think your teeth are perfectly clean, tell your dentist so or ask him for a reason why he recommended the procedure. If you have tartar deposits on your teeth, your dentist will be able to show them to you.


Anaesthesia for children

Anaesthesia is used in many dental procedures to reduce discomfort and make people comfortable. It is a safe approach, but isn’t needed in many procedures such as those requiring drilling of enamel when the underlying dentin is not exposed. If there is a need for anaesthesia-like procedure for very young children, sedation is an alternative to reduce anxiety. If your dentist feels the necessity for anaesthesia, discuss your concerns with him.


Root canal

You have a decayed tooth for which your dentist has advised root canal treatment (RCT). But, is the procedure required? Some infected teeth might take a while to heal after root canal treatment and there may be significant discomfort for a few days. Besides, there can be complications such as re-infection if the root canal is not properly cleaned before it is filled. If you do go ahead with RCT, make sure it is done by well-trained and experienced personnel.


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Dental crowns

One of the best options to extend life of a damaged tooth is dental crown. Do you really need them? The procedure requires a lot of case selection and treatment planning. If you are not satisfied with the fit and feel, ask your dentist to get a new one made.


Wisdom tooth extraction

Oral surgery to remove wisdom teeth is a standard dental care approach these days. It is not always a necessity. If your dentist asks you to have your wisdom teeth taken out, ask him for a good reason for the extraction. If there is damage to other teeth, jaw or sinus, presence of cavities and gum inflammation, you should get wisdom tooth extracted.



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