3 Foot Stretches That Are Recommended By Every Podiatrist

We all know how relaxing stretching can be. Be it your arms, legs or the back; a simple stretch can give an instant boost to the body. It also works towards curing several muscle-related issues.

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Aug 28, 2019
3 Foot Stretches That Are Recommended By Every Podiatrist

Age, hectic schedules and no rest; of all these factors play a significant role in ascertaining your overall health. Most of the people are always on their toes, running errands, working, without worrying much about their foot. This body part takes all the stress, making it susceptible to several injuries, aches, etc. A little pampering here never goes wrong as it is only the foot, which helps us run here and there. Imagine the plight of those with a plastered leg or with constant foot pain. Just like we stretch our arms the first thing we get up in the morning, podiatrists (branch of medicine dealing with foot, ankle, etc.) across the world believe that a foot stretch is recommended to get rid of the stress that the foot is subjected to every day.  

Why do we see ageing people making more conscious decisions in shoes? This is because the foot undergoes a lot of wear and tear and requires a little stretching for muscles relaxation. For the hard work put in by your feet every day, here are some important foot stretches that can be done right on the bed and in your pyjamas. As explained by an LA-Based Podiatrist Albert A. Nejat, DPM, FACFAS, Stretching the feet, the calves and hamstrings help in reducing the risk of hyperpronation.

Runner's Stretch

The best stretch explained here is the routine cardio cool down. The two muscles meet to form the  Achilles tendon. This is particularly responsible for the foot to move. What makes it more complex here is that these muscles are extremely tight and it is undoubtedly required to loosen them up with some basic running stretches immediately after a good cardio session.

HOW TO DO IT: To perform this exercise, lean against the wall. The front leg should be bent and the back leg straight on the ground. Hold on to that position for a minimum of 30 seconds on both the sides for a proper stretch on both sides. This is also a great post-workout stretch that can help you relax after a hectic gym routine.

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Toe Stretch

It is not just the legs that we need to focus on but also on those babies that are always tucked inside your footwear. The feet have some intrinsic muscles, which regulate the movement of the toes. These intrinsic muscles in between the metatarsal bones keep the toes from becoming contracted or safe from any muscle stress. Contracted toes can eventually lead to hammered toes and for this, a primary food stretch is a must.

HOW TO DO IT: For this particular stretch, think that your foot is your hand. Spread out your toes as much as possible just like you can do it with your fingers and bring them back inwards. The more you can stretch, it can help relieve muscle stress in the toes to a great extent. Do this 6-8 times spaced out 2-3 times in a day and see how relaxed you will feel.

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Morning Stretch

Don't we all love our morning stretch like anything? Right before we open our eyes, the first thing we do is a morning stretch. It does leave you all energised to face the day with a smile.

HOW TO DO IT: Take a leather belt or a towel to do this. Place the belt or the towel on the forefoot bottom. With a slight bend in the tea, pull the ankle up. You will feel a pull in your calf muscle. Do this for 20 seconds on both sides. When the leg is extended, bend your torso and feel a stretch in the hamstring. This is how you perform this stretch correctly.

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