With Regular Massages your Heart will Forever be Young

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Mar 27, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Massaging regularly reduces blood pressure in people.
  • Regularly massaging the body can prevent cancer.
  • One may be able to prevent heart diseases by getting a regular massage.
  • Massaging ensures adequate supply and circulation of blood throughout the body.

Our body is built with a powerful platoon of soldiers that fights invading microbes and such harmful substances. But, sometimes, the platoon gets overburdened with microbial wars that it fails to keep the body safe. Several ailments skip the filter and walk in free disrupting the body’s mechanism. But, there is a blessing even in such turmoil in the form of full-body massages. Let’s take a close look at the heart benefits that regular massages can have.

Massage benefits

“They help the Heart”, studies

Several studies that were done in the past talk about the many benefits of massage therapy on the heart. For instance, a study done in the year 2008 studied at least 263 volunteers who had got massage done for 45 to 60 minutes. The doctors found that post the massage their blood pressure dropped by 10 mg hg and the heart rate fell by 10 beats per minute. Apparently, that is as much as you will get when you are prescribed a medication for blood pressure for life.

Another study that was done earlier this year had 50 people with slightly elevate blood pressure levels who got a 15-minute massage, three times in a week for about 10 sessions. A similar group on the other hand only relaxed for the same amount of time. The researchers found that blood pressure in those who got the massage done lowered after the treatment and remained low for several days.

Benefits of massage on heart

Is it Time to Quit Prescribed medication for Blood Pressure?

Reduction in stress levels post massages has been observed in a lot of studies. However, urinary levels of the stress hormones norepinephrine and epinephrine were not seen to fall at all in several other human beings.

The bottom-line is that we need more pathways to establish a clear connection between the two. As for now, it is premature to consider massage therapy over the traditional approaches to treatment of heart problems. Besides, it is not know whether not going for one massage session may have a fatal consequence for the patient or not. Also, there really are no studies that show a drop in the risk of developing a heart attack, heart disease, stroke and other such heart related deaths in those people who go for regular massages.

Massage therapy may be used in congruence with other alternative methods of treatment such as meditation, Tai Chi. Acupuncture, yoga, etc till a substantial outcome is realised.


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