What is Transcendental Meditation?

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May 25, 2011

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Quick Bites

  • It’s a very simple, natural technique.
  • This technique is used to avoid the distraction of thoughts.
  • It is neither a religion nor a philosophy.
  • It does not even require any changes in the lifestyle.

Transcendental Meditation is a technique which is used to avoid the distraction of thoughts and promotion of state of relaxed awareness. It’s a very simple, natural technique that should be practised twice a day for about 20 minutes with closed eyes.

transcendental Meditation

While meditating Transcendental Meditation, the person sits in a comfortable position with closed eyes repeating a mantra silently. A mantra is meaningless sound which comes from the Vedic tradition which has been assigned by a certified teacher or instructor.

The supporters of this technique believe that when a person practise transcendental meditation, the thinking process is transcended which means that it is replaced by a state of pure consciousness.  It helps the mediator to achieve perfect stillness, rest, stability, order and a complete absence of mental boundaries.  According to some studies regular meditation of technique can reduce chronic, pain, anxiety, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

On the hand there are some researchers which believe that no meditation is as effective as the health education in addressing the most common health diseases and problems. Medication can play critical role for healthy people by improving their quality of life but some experts suggest that it should not be used as a single treatment option for any particular health condition.


How to learn and practice transcendental Meditation

It is neither a religion nor a philosophy and it does not even require any changes in the lifestyle. But yes you would need a certified teacher to learn this form of meditation.  The teacher will present general information about the techniques which includes 60 minutes lecture introductory lecture followed by 45 minute lecture on more specific information about the transcendental meditation. People who are interested in learning the technique can also then 10 -15 minutes of interview and one hour long personal instruction. Then you are given a mantra during a brief ceremony. You are supposed to keep the mantra confidential.

For the next three days the teacher will see how correct you are doing and will instruct you more. Your teacher will explain about it in greater detail, will correct you whenever it is needed. He or she will explain you the benefits of practising the technique. For next few months the teacher will correct your technique.  TM should be practised twice a day for about 15 to 20 minutes.

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