What are the Symptoms of Teenage Pregnancy

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Aug 17, 2011

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Quick Bites

  • Amenorrhea is an indicative symptoms of teenage pregnancy.
  • Tender and swellen breasts commonly indicate pregnancy in teens.
  • Stomach flu or bladder infection may be pointing towards the condition.
  • Another sign of teenage pregnancy is unusual fatigue and exhaustion.


Teenage pregnancy symptoms often go unnoticed because teens are already experiencing many physical changes. Therefore the early symptoms of teenage pregnancy are confused with changes that occur with puberty. A sexually active teen must watch for these symptoms:


symptoms of teenage pregnancyAmenorrhea

Amenorrhea is absence of menstrual period in the reproductive age.  Like adult pregnancy, amenorrhea is one of the important indicative symptoms of teenage pregnancy. Periods will be either be completely absent or will be present with very light and infrequent bleeding.


Body Changes

Weight gain is an indicative sign of teenage pregnancy. In addition to this tenderness and swelling of breast is also common symptom of pregnancy in teens. However, the physical changes due to puberty can be disguising in teens. For instance, weight gain is common during puberty and changes in breast are often confused with onset of menstrual cycle.


Sudden Illness

Sudden onset of illness such as stomach flu or bladder infection is indicative signs of pregnancy in teens.


Change in Appetite

Changes in appetite and strange food craving are the other teen pregnancy symptoms. You will note certain changes in your eating behaviour and find yourself indulging in food that you normally don’t like to eat.


Unusual Fatigue and Exhaustion

Another sign of teenage pregnancy is unusual fatigue and exhaustion. You may feel extremely tired and overtly exhausted.


Frequent Urination and Vomiting

Vomiting and frequent urination are also common in early stage of teen pregnancy. If you are sexually active and find yourself frequently using washroom then you may be pregnant. Besides this, morning sickness is also reported by pregnant teens in early stage of pregnancy. If you experience weakness in stomach and vomiting especially in the morning then it is time for pregnancy test.


Body Aches

Backaches and headaches are also present as early symptoms of teenage pregnancy. Body aches are common due to alteration in the hormonal level.


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