What is the correlation between Caigua & Weight Loss?

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Jul 05, 2011

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Widely marketed as a weight loss supplement, caigua is also beneficial in reducing blood cholesterol levels and boosting metabolism of the body. Native to Peru, caigua is a naturally occurring herb, known to possess some fat absorbing properties. Although caigua offers treatment for an array of ailments like high cholesterol, hypertension and cellulite, it is essentially promoted as a weight loss aid. Available in 300 milligram/500 milligram-strength capsule or powder form, caigua is composed of all-natural ingredients. For best results, it is recommended to combine caigua supplements with other supplements like Guarana Capsules or Inka Leaf Capsules, as the effect regulates appetite or removes the calories from food.


Please make an important note that since caigua is not FDA approved and its contribution in weight management has not yet been proven, it is highly recommended that you to consult a physician before you begin .



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