What is the Best Time to Conceive

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May 19, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Learn about your ovulation period.
  • The ovulation period spans for 24-48 hours during a cycle.
  • During ovulation time, body temperature is higher than normal.
  • Women are most fertile when ovulation is two to three days away.

If a couple is interested in having a baby, the most obvious question that sprouts before them is ‘when is the best time to conceive’?

Young pregnant woman

There are many presumptions and misconceptions on conception such as when you can get pregnant and when you can't. The question is when the woman will ovulate and how often the couple needs to have sexual intercourse to get pregnant?


Facts about Ovulation Period

  • A female's body releases an egg 14 days before the beginning of the next period, which is referred to as the ovulation period.
  • If the egg is not fertilised during this period, it is discarded by the body during menstruation.
  • The ovulation period spans for 24-48 hours during a cycle and sperms last for about 3 to 5 days.
  • If a woman’s periods are irregular, getting pregnant may take longer than usual.
  • Menstruation cycle spans between 25 to 35 days, beginning on the first day of menstruation and lasting until the first day of the next menstruation.
  • More specifically, in a 28-day menstruation cycle’s, 14th day is the approximate time when ovulation begins. On the other hand, the 18th day of 32-day cycle is the ovulation period.
  • It is not necessary that ovulation will occur in every menstrual cycle. There are chances that there may not be any ovulation in spite of regular periods.
  • Painful periods also signify that you have ovulated during that cycle.


Learn fertility signs

Female should look out for fertility signs such as lower abdominal pain around the time they ovulate. Alternatively, month to month monitoring can help women figure out fertility indications. Ovulation can also be tracked by keeping track of temperature every morning. During ovulation time, body temperature is higher than normal.


The best time to conceive

Health experts advise not to engage in intercourse a few days before the ovulation period to ensure that sperm count is high. Sexual intercourse on every alternate day during the fertile phase is recommended by health experts. A couple needs to have sexual intercourse before the female partner’s ovulation starts. When ovulation is only two to three days away is when the woman is the most fertile. Little sexual activity or too much of it is harmful and inappropriate. Also, refrain from everyday sexual intercourse to maintain sperm count.


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