Weight gain exercises at home for women

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Jan 31, 2012

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There is not a significant difference between weight gain programs from women and men. For women, who desire to put on weight, need to choose an appropriate plan of work-out and calories intake. Identification of body shape is a crucial aspect when underweight women select a plan for them to increase weight. Besides, if one needs to put on weight at the specific area, the weight gain plan should complement the same.

Apart from weights and machine-aided gym exercises, there are several weight gain exercises that can be done at their homes by women enthusiastic about gaining weight. Home exercises to increase body weight must aim to increase resistance and acquiring fat. Identical to principles for weight gain for men, women can achieve weight gain by disciplined schedule and hard work.

Effective work-out plans, targeting whole body, streamlines cardiovascular efficiency along with toning and strengthening of body. Like men, women can involve in physical exercises such as push-ups, squats and weight lifting for weight gain.

  • Squats: One of the common methods to gain weight at home, squats target muscles of the body. This exercise stimulates appetite, which becomes foundation to amass fat, resulting in increased weight. As a precautionary measure, squatting should be preceded by a warm up exercise and weight volume must be added in ascending order, starting from the lowest weight.
  • Push-ups: For building of chest, shoulders and arm muscles, push-up exercise is one of the most effective mediums. Push-up motion involves arms locked on the way up with nose facing the ground. To ease physical stress, one can also position knees on the floor and carry on with the exercise.
  • Strength Training: Mostly done to lose weight, strength training is also a tool for the opposite. Strength training increases capacity of calorie consumption, which leads to weight gain.

Work-out routine

Discipline is an essential of any work-out program. In order to increase the rate of weight gain, one needs to surpass her own targets. Timings for performing work-out is another critical aspect to achieve desired increase in weight. It is recommended to perform these exercises twice a day, first in the morning and again in the evening. Moreover, one must do these exercises correctly to head towards desired result.

Importance of apt diet

Diet is one of the key factors for gaining weight with women. One needs to consume ample calories in order to gain weight, or else calorie deficit results in the negative. In simple terms, human body stores energy of the excess calories consumed than actual requirement. Engaging in right physical training schedule and diet program converts these excess calories to muscles, leading to weight gain.



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