Tips to Begin New Year with Less Stress

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Dec 31, 2012

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A raising fistThe New Year brings with it a feeling of change and regeneration. It’s a time when you should try to forget the past and start afresh. The Holiday period is over and you can get your life back to normal once again. People wish you a “Happy New Year”, so let’s concentrate on some tips to begin the New Year with less stress and depression.


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Let the small stuff slide


Don’t get hung up on small, petty stuff which might have bothered you in the past. Alarmingly when you multiply the negative effects these things have on your mentality, it’s no wonder you suffer from stress and anxiety.  So when somebody corrects you – be it your driving or your choice of words – try to let and slide and carry on, without feeling undermined or patronized. Just take a deep breath, keep a calm, steady focus on what you are doing and you will soon understand how to get out of depression.


Regular exercise


Your life should have more structure and routine to it after the holidays and into the New Year, so incorporate an exercise regime somewhere and stick to it as best you can. Take it seriously, as you will feel you are getting more enjoyment out of it when you have a serious goal to focus on. A good diet and regular exercise are thought to be ways to decrease the symptoms of depression, as they help to flush the negative toxins – which contribute to an ill-feeling – out of your system, leaving it clean and purified. Regular exercise and dieting have a positive effect on your psychology as well; you understand you are trying hard to promote a better lifestyle.


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Manage your time at work


Work is important for you and your family, but it shouldn’t dictate your life either. There may be times when you are indispensible, so you must toe the line in this regard, but when your presence is not essential, take time out to go for a walk or spend some time out of the office. Allow yourself to manage your work and don’t let your work manage you, and you will have tackled one of the ways to deal with stress.


Show compassion to your friends/family


It’s nice to be nice and it doesn’t cost you anything. It makes you feel better and it has a reciprocal effect on the receiver. If it makes you feel better about yourself, then this will have a knock-on effect on your stress levels and your chances of acquiring a depressive disposition. It will lead to a more rounded you and people will appreciate you for it.


Let’s hope that these tips to begin the New Year with less stress and depression work for you. Try them out and see what transpires!


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