Time to Bid Farewell to Stress

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Aug 03, 2012

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Time to Bid Farewell to StressStress leaves us in a terrible state of mind and what we end up doing is binge eating, drinking, spending too much time complaining and just beating the head against the bush. So, to rescue you from stress we bring to you some ways that will help you feel good about yourself! Are you ready yet?


Sing Song

Yes! What better than listening to some kickass music that will keep you going! What you need to do is scan through your music library and prepare a playlist so that that frown gets replaced with a smile. Believe you us, it doesn’t take much time!


Stretch Some

Exercising your way through stress can do wonders! Go hit the gym, walk your dog, practice yoga, meditate, hop around doing those aerobic exercises or even swim. All this will contribute in reduced stress levels and will boost your sense of self worth.


Pretty Park

So then you’re stressed and end up locking yourself in your room in the hope of divine intervention relieving you of stress. Well, sorry guys this will never work. You gotta gather yourself and walk bare foot in the park and try finding happiness in small things; those butterflies, twittering birds, playful kids and other things around you!

Old Gold

Now call your kindergarten friend (if you’re lucky enough to have nurtured that kind of friendship) or someone you’re close to and discuss your woes. This will make you feel lighter and help them in turn help you gain a perspective; they know you in and out don’t they? And hey you’re not the only unfortunate one.

Positive Please

It is inevitable to be thinking about failures when stressed out. This is an indication enough for you to be concentrating more on what you succeeded at. Celebrate and not ruminate. Dear friends, wear that smile!


Do Declutter

An untidy space can intimidate and increase stress levels. Don’t get spaced out! Tidy the area and get going. You will see the results in terms of increased efficiency and a calmer you.


Book Bed

You sure must have dog eared your favourite page or line in the novel you ever read! So try picking them out of your book shelf and read it up and crack your gut open to humour!

Pamper Pause

Indulge. Eat (don’t overeat though) chocolates or go for an ayurvedic massage, get a foot massage, go for deep oiling or even paint your nails red! Somtimes vanity need to be thrown out of the cupboard to give you a sense of happiness! Look forward to the weekend and stop dreading about manic Mondays!

Don’t you doubt that these won’t work for you. They will bring you out of gloom into the bright light that cleanses you inside out!


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