Study says that Smokers Gain Weight after Smoking

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Dec 17, 2013

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smoking leads to weight gainEver wondered why the theory that smoking makes one thin and quitting makes one fat is true? Well, now a research has proven that nicotine craving leads to overeating and therefore, weight gain. The research was headed by Marina Picciotto from Yale University. The aim of the study was to decipher the exact brain cells that are used by nicotine to cut down on appetite and body fat.

According to the research, nicotine actually uses those receptors in cutting appetite that are actually involved in nicotine aversion and withdrawal. This marks an important revelation in the study of the effect of nicotine withdrawal on weight gain.  Now the researchers are hoping that if a medication is evolved that attacks this tendency of nicotine that it can be of humungous help in alleviating the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, and overeating during the period of nicotine cessation. However, it will take some time before anything like this happens because as of now, the research has been carried out on mice. It is yet to be tested on humans.

Most smokers tend to gain weight when quitting because nicotine craving leads to overeating. The brain compensates by telling the body to ingest more food in order to alleviate other symptoms of withdrawal such as depression and irrational mood swings.

The study is hopeful that further research findings will help in the development of medication that can not only control weight gain when quitting but also other weight management issues such as obesity.

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