10 Signs You're Bad At Dating

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Jun 02, 2011

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Young coupleAre your dating habits keeping you single? At times it is very difficult to find out that what is exactly wrong in your dating approach. Try to be more introspective to your dating habits. Here are 10 signs that you are bad at dating.


  1. Mixing business with pleasure is a sign of bad date. If you are giving business card to your date then it’s time to think about your preferences first.
  2. Do you find yourself rushing from the office to meet your date?  If yes then this is not a good sign. Plan your dates in a manner so that you get enough time to relax. For instance, you can schedule your date for weekends.
  3. Being extra cautious at your date is also an indicative sign of unhealthy dating relationship. Do not look nervous or atleast do not let it become apparent. Stay confident even if you have butterflies in your stomach.
  4. If you bring obssession onto the table it is a major turn off for your date. Forget the rules and just strike a lively conversation with your date. You never know they might fall for you!
  5. If you think that you are not ready for rejection then you can’t be a good date. Don’t let the fear of rejection spoil your date and enjoy the moment.Live in the present.
  6. Feeling that the person you are dating with is not capable of meeting your emotional needs is alright. But if you feel the same for different dating partners then it’s time for some introspection.
  7. If you think that it is difficult, painful and hard to love someone.
  8. If you make your date feel as if they are being interviewed then just forget that you'll ever hook up with that person or for that matter even get to collide with them on the face of this earth! They'll surely run miles away from you. They would've surely come with an open mind rather than sitting upfront with someone who is merely judging them through a series of question.
  9. Another signal that you are bad at dating is when you constantly argue. You must understand that you haven't come for a debate but for a conversation that involves the both of you.
  10. The most evident sign that you are bad at dating is that you have no dates!!!


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